RT @FTCPresents: TONIGHT! @rachaelyamagata on StageOne and @loslonelyboys in The Warehouse. Tix: https://t.co/2n3jhZdocF https://t.co/VlaLk1MPcZ
RT @swervemagazine: Check out our interview w/ @rachaelyamagata before heading TONIGHT to her @ClubCafeLive show https://t.co/X3nPVIDpWF https://t.co/5gCHrga4d3
Happy Birthday @ZachDjanikian !!! Thank you for spending it with us on tour! We love you!! Xoxo
RT @opusoneprod: TONIGHT! @ClubCafeLive: @rachaelyamagata w/ @ZachDjanikian! $22, Doors 7pm, Tix: https://t.co/RkD4misRdw https://t.co/gaQpVZ6DVw
Sometimes you sit on a bench in hotel parking lot at 6 in the morn and write shot lists for vids while making sure your car is still there.
Thanks again to all the fabulous folks @MountainStage for a beautiful experience. Such a fantastic lineup and audience!! 'Twas devine xoxox
Streaming LIVE right now on @MountainStage - https://t.co/lOSLQYX4J0 #gotowv https://t.co/kBLOyGe1cK
WATCH tonight's @MountainStage. Starts @ 7p ET, our set @ 8:09p ET followed by @ilovelucius https://t.co/lOSLQYX4J0 https://t.co/sAsybvAX8c
RT @ilovelucius: Tonight! We take the mountainstage together with a fantastic lineup of women! Show begins at 7pm… https://t.co/1IpH4O2VVk
Backstage alley sunset pre show @WCLatTheQueen #delaware come hang with us tonight. Special guests now!! https://t.co/1mOKhR0MJZ
@WCLatTheQueen TONIGHT! We play #Wilmington #delaware New songs and classics, trio style. @ZachDjanikian opens https://t.co/8V5qyFhVAR
Thank u Ithaca @TheDockIthaca for such a funtastic night. Met so many beautiful people. Always dance w abandon xoxox
RT @MountainStage: Join us live for @rachaelyamagata on @VuHaus for some Sunday evening songs! https://t.co/kKzLbQaoX1 https://t.co/lzmVEKUYbW
Heavenly @latourelle #Ithaca ! Excited for our show tonight @TheDockIthaca and for the most amazing night's sleep! https://t.co/w8mQXmspBX
TONIGHT we play @TheDockIthaca NY - Sat night #Delaware @WCLatTheQueen Come spend date night with us!! @ZachDjanikian opens the shows! Xoxo
정말 오랜만에 저의 정규 앨범 [Tightrope Walker]가 발매되었습니다! 다른 나라들에 앞서 한국에서 가장 먼저 발매되는 앨범인 만큼, 많은 사랑 부탁 드립니다~ 한국 팬 여러분들만을 위한 트랙도 있으니, 꼭 확인해보세요!
RT @swervemagazine: We talk new album and June mini-tour with @rachaelyamagata https://t.co/kFymQbuHpd
New Album update: New Album Update + Video Pre-Production w/Dancing + June Tour https://t.co/eWau7toGg0 @PledgeMusic
@MelkeBranding love u
early bird worms and coffee
RT @BarackObama: We need more than moments of silence. We need action. And that's what's going on in the House now: https://t.co/L9m0dSfipA #NoBillNoBreak
Two days til showtime! @TheDockIthaca on Fri, Sat DE, Sun WV, Tues PA, Weds CT!! https://t.co/s6NyQ0BEzR @ZachDjanikian opens the shows xoox
Early rise for rehearsal. Mini tour starts in #ITHACA this Fri @TheDockIthaca new songs, classics and alt versions comin up trio style! Xox
#FairfieldCT Next Wednesday we will be in CT @FTCPresents Fairfield Theater Company Stageone. Come join us! xoxo r https://t.co/1KRMzqfYs0
RT @EntreLeadership: "Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work." - Thomas Edison
Today I drive to Philly for pre pro on vid for new song. Tomorrow, dance rehearsal. Say what??
One week from today we'll be playing Wilmington, DE World Cafe Live at The Queen! Join us! https://t.co/s6NyQ0BEzR. @ZachDjanikian opens! Xox
Rehearsal:check. Awesome video pre pro:check. Art design catch up:check. Date night with my cats:check. First shower in two days: priceless.
RT @ChopraFNDN: #FF Artists we love @rachaelyamagata @HELLOCLARANOVA @freedomfrymusic @fallulahmusic @Emilykingmusic @tashaki_miyaki @ioecho @Pr0files
Middle of the night can't sleep creepy sounds in the woods why am I outside so tired maybe house of cards
RT @MountainStage: 🎟🎟=👭 @ilovelucius joins us 6/26 w/ @rachaelyamagata, @William_Matheny & more during @FestivALL. Tix available: https://t.co/JmyXztzLAA
RT @chandlercoyle: @rachaelyamagata https://t.co/dA3ZWStdtl
RT @rachaelyamagata: 12 days till our intimate date shows! Ithaca 6/24 @TheDockIthaca first up! DE, WV, Pittsburgh, PA and CT as well! www.rachaelyamagata/tour
12 days till our intimate date shows! Ithaca 6/24 @TheDockIthaca first up! DE, WV, Pittsburgh, PA and CT as well! www.rachaelyamagata/tour
RT @margaretcho: I have no words except to say this must end now. This violence. This bloodshed must end now.
Renaming my wardrobe 'I'm too young for you now give me away'
My horoscope has something about reclaiming control of my life. That's good I guess. Life - your ass is mine today.
New Album update: Sneak Peek Vinyl Art https://t.co/UavCHX5qbK @PledgeMusic
RT @amandapalmer: jump first, look later, no regrets allowed.
Does making a pot of coffee and starting to work at 2am indicate jet lag?
RT @chandlercoyle: Why I watched @rachaelyamagata at her 8th concert in Singapore https://t.co/JuIUGsjhfP <Great review + nice photos. https://t.co/lhqsyoWv5z
RT @RooBurnz: 5 gigs 2gether. I guess she's earned it. So this is me allowing @rachaelyamagata a rare photo op with urs truly. :-P https://t.co/7NGLtSGnoG
Tonight is our show at the Esplanade #singapore come play w us!! Xoxo @Greenhorngigs https://t.co/Vpfjr0sKwu
Boarding plane to #Singapore. Tomorrow night we play The Esplanade!! Xoxo https://t.co/adCYDrmx3W
Well I fried my hard drive and am without a computer, but the view is still great #Vietnam https://t.co/s9wWJ4xnYf
RT @CityNomads: From @PinkDotSG to @rachaelyamagata, here's 5 awesome things to do this week: https://t.co/ffl4LHswBE https://t.co/1BpIq69cxh
Beautiful Seoul we hate to go. Thank u for lighting up my life yet again. Xoxo https://t.co/3uV1Ywf1Fl
RT @ssowlim: Thanks @rachaelyamagata Your voice is so magical. https://t.co/Qmu0wuwvbi
RT @GRAMMY0619: 벌써 기대된다 열두시간 뒤로 타임워프 해서 씻고 빨리 공연보러 가고싶다 https://t.co/YdCQa4Yfx2
Packing like a madwoman for Asia. 1am pickup. Aka no sleep tonight.
It's funny how Shark Tank is making me more decisive...
Anyone else have the smurf theme in their head? Nope? Now ya do....;)
The morning bird song goin on right now is cray cray. #woodslife
Leaving this Friday to start our Asia dates - Korea 5/24 and Singapore 6/2!! Later in June it's select U.S. Dates. https://t.co/s6NyQ0BEzR
Synchronicity is the language of the stars... Thanks yahoo astrology. I likkA dat.
When u can't figure out why they keep showing Friday the 13th and then u realize it's Friday the 13th
RT @mtgh: .@rachaelyamagata returns to Singapore on 2 June, get tickets from SISTIC! https://t.co/VVwaGCN2zA @Greenhorngigs https://t.co/5YcnBJW9w4
A bird just landed on my foot. Just sayin...
We've just been informed that the entire Taiwan Festival has now been postponed. Will post any info and further details ASAP. :(
If anyone ever wonders if Mercury retrograde is a real thing I want u to call me direct. My past few days will change your mind.
Doin A few U.S. shows end of June. Pared down intimate style. Good for date night. Bachelor party, not so much. https://t.co/s6NyQ0BEzR
May 24, 2016 Rachael Yamagata at Olympic Park's Woori Finance Art Hall... https://t.co/XLKmsPMvXZ
RT @opusoneprod: NEW SHOW! @ClubCafeLive Tue 6/28 @RachaelYamagata! On Sale Fri: https://t.co/RkD4mibglY | https://t.co/jJ8MON7mQ1 https://t.co/4ODOvOsNiA
That was sooooo fun xoxox
LIVE on #Periscope: Rehearsal!!! fun!!! https://t.co/caTB1myzoV
Set up a periscope account. Bwoohaha...https://t.co/J86K7gmGP6
RT @chandlercoyle: OMG my favorite cat crazy rock star @rachaelyamagata is on @periscopeco https://t.co/ARapRrRDbj
Sat sounds of rehearsal starting. Did yoga in between a keyboard and guitar amp. More flexible trying not to knock over things apparently:)
@kaciewilliams u r awesome.
Reheasals start today for Asia tour. Step one: destroy living room. Step two: create.
May 22, 2016 Rachael Yamagata at Girl Power Music Festival 2016... https://t.co/fNiODfDYsg
New Album update: Listening back to ‘I’m Going Back’ https://t.co/9a4rcD4VgN @PledgeMusic #rock
May 24, 2016 Rachael Yamagata at Olympic Park's Woori Finance Art Hall... https://t.co/XLKmsPMvXZ
Me: How do you know if you started a fire? Him: Do you see flames? Me: Yes. Him: Then you started a fire. #cookingbyrachael
Some days you just need a potato.
Hearing a loon makes me think of 'on golden pond' makes me think of my pond that is a swamp makes me think of green and now I want a salad.
I love that some days working in music means I can be dressed in a bathrobe and snow hat if I so desire. Not that I am. Ok, I am.
ASIA! In 22 days I'll be back to Taiwan, Korea and Singapore. It's Sat nite here in U.S., but I'm dreaming of Sunday Afternoon already xox
6 am budgets. 7 -flights. 8 -set list band emails. 9 - art design mockups. 10 - video call. 11-cover song mix review. Noon karate. Saturday.
Tough loving myself. Oy. At least there's coffee.
Sometimes doing the backward grab under arm right angle lunge thing in yoga I want to scream - how the ?!*# am I supposed to grab my wrist??
How bout cats? https://t.co/DGfxTNQWtH
New Album update: new video update from moi https://t.co/lwkrsMFQkK @PledgeMusic #rock
Jun 02, 2016 Rachael Yamagata at Esplanade Concert Hall... https://t.co/GZUxegQxpP
@leftclick5ave could work out...hint hint..announcing another date Thursday ;) xo
RT @mtgh: Singer-songwriter @rachaelyamagata will return to Singapore this June. https://t.co/cuxIPLpBqq @Greenhorngigs https://t.co/pqkqJ2yUjz
Living room all set up for Game of Thrones slumber party... https://t.co/knDbZcSPfL
Jun 26, 2016 Rachael Yamagata at Npr Mountain Stage: Culture Center Theater... https://t.co/bHPE9JohfY
1st band I was ever a part of, Bumpus, was highly influenced by Prince and he remained a huge inspiration. Terrible loss creative genius...
RT @amandapalmer: 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜purple rain💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
RT @ReneeYohe: Today is a new day, and you are new with it, rich with possibilities & the ability to choose. Dare to be powerful, to choose love, to live.
@willikampmann this would've been for digi acoustic happ. U check ur inbox? New record still working xox
RT @MountainStage: .@mglaspy and @rachaelyamagata have been added to 6/26 alongside @ilovelucius 👭👭 https://t.co/j4WtDdjSCo
Skipped workout. Ate bacon.
Different take on boot camp. https://t.co/RlHTCXAaae
Yo indie artists! This book is a total keeper for anyone doin it on their own. @Kruse thank u! https://t.co/GBbCCqE7PZ
Sunday morning who's up early and what r u doing?
Super market sushi. 3 cats. Friday night. And then The Notebook came on.
Success doesn't attack you. You must attack it. #hollatothefortunecookie
Thanks sweets!! So glad u like. Xox https://t.co/rXO5ATBggU
Pledge friends! If u ordered something 'acoustic' (hint) check ur inbox. New update on all next week. Pushin thru bandit style.Hang tight.
I'm shouting @tracy_bonham right now!!!love u guys xoxo https://t.co/6ThGCWKet8
Some days you feel like the train and other days, the track. Both are needed to get where you're goin. Don't sweat it. X
Sunday sangria.
Thanks bro for goin to 2 psychics sayin I'm the daredevil firecracker sis that would jump off buildings. Somehow this gives me peace.
If condiments were a food my fridge would be fully stocked right now.
Go see these shows. @thecatapult will inspire u! Xox https://t.co/BiAMEEhcW5
RT @tweetsbychloe: Share your direct-to-fan case studies with @chandlercoyle and you could be featured on The Coyle Report! https://t.co/sKUKbHnovT
Lost a beautiful person to the heavens yesterday. Brett we will miss you and love you forever. https://t.co/vQayTlGw17
Sending love and prayers to Brussels...
If I could book shows at 8am in morn I would. Most awake. Maybe I'll just ride in back of ur car on morning drive and do private solo tour.
Piano tuning is my version of a manicure.
And then the smoke alarm went off...
You got this girl.
You went one way...I have gone the other...water shapes the stone and air is free...#newsongnewrecord
I'm officially in love with the loveliness of my fans. Thank u. Xoxooxoxoxoxox
New Album update: Very informative and somewhat insane update on record progress.xoxo https://t.co/7WCCVJ3RV6 @PledgeMusic #rock
Thanks doll! Xoxox https://t.co/QlTOqh0lRp
Karate weekend workout in my living room...foreshadowing pasta dinner
Gratitude heals and inspires.
Rainy day organimizationnnn
Just when I was convinced spring was here it starts to snow... I suppose it is still February.
Home. Nuthin' like it.
Thank u @joshuaradin @mynameisyouband Chris Farney and Jon Hanbury for the bestest of times...Love u all!!! https://t.co/2z8WDMpDIF
All indie musicians should do this pronto... Heck, all musicians would benefit xoxo https://t.co/AROhoCShTU
Happy Valentine's Day! May love fill your heart and that of the special someone next to you - person, cat, tree - love is everywhere xox
We play Copenhagen tonight at the Bremen Theater!! I'm on first and then @joshuaradin https://t.co/dCUV9dzJzK
Girl! It's attached to the thing attached to the other thing and it done broke. Ps I miss the wtf outta u https://t.co/xALSdfwrJe
Hey Hamburg that was fun!! Look what I broke coming off stage... Last show w it I guess xox https://t.co/QathbVSsF1
Cologne! Found beautiful running paths this morning. Join us at Gloria Theater tonight - opening for @joshuaradin https://t.co/DZSCQeNfIV
The birds of Utrecht. Tonight we play Tivoli venue. I'm up first and then @joshuaradin xoxo https://t.co/xAnVnAP80T
Tonight's stage for De Oosterpoort in Groningen NL w @joshuaradin xoox https://t.co/qQ5RKYFsvm
Back at it setting up for our show at Doornriosje #Nijmegen NL w @joshuaradin tonight! Xox https://t.co/8aKt8MvPD8
Ringkirche, Wiesbaden/Germany going to be a beautiful night at this magical place w @joshuaradin https://t.co/cP1TeDIS0O
Aw shizzle! My last show is Stockholm! Raincheck? Xox https://t.co/LmGlcOLE1n
Munich. I love u. Is that weird? Xox
Friends in #Munich Germany we play Muffathalle tonight! I open for @joshuaradin xoxo https://t.co/adCYDrmx3W
Tonight we play a sold out show in beautiful Vienna. https://t.co/58nrTHKku8
Tonight we play Kammgarn venue in #Schaffhausen Switzerland. Join @joshuaradin and myself! I'm on early. Doors 7:30 https://t.co/vFRBZGBRw8
Made it to the beautiful ALHAMBRA theater! Can't wait to play ce soir! Doors 7pm #paris opening for @joshuaradin https://t.co/M1VRu4EGIP
After 3 hr on runway with stuck planes in ice I've made it to Paris....w a taxi strike and no way to leave airport w all these bags...
Reminder that I'm unable to open tonight's @joshuaradin show in LONDON, however Caitlyn Smith will start the night! https://t.co/4oJwyAAWWj
The rest of the band is there - the show is ON! Go see @joshuaradin and tell them all to break a leg and to throw in some heartbreak for me.
LONDON! Very very sorry to say I won't be playing w @joshuaradin tonight. Blizzard.3 cancelled flights. I WILL be in Paris tomorrow. Xoxo
Flight number two cancelled...
Solo set here we come -last days of rehearsal before Euro adventure w @joshuaradin #london and #paris start it off. https://t.co/s6NyQ0BEzR
Sunday morning working the acooooustic happenstance....
Here and sending cyberspace kisses xox https://t.co/qtUgsxTPpM
Running sets for tour w @joshuaradin in Europe!! https://t.co/PiRIG5PhoK
RT @MetroChicago: https://t.co/lS6KoaZlPi
Been recording all Sunday. Makes me happy. @kevinsalem and @phanlon23 are masters of sound and mood.
Any Saturday night involving noodles is a good one.
Told my voicemail still says I'm out of the country until June.. Anyone who's called since last year and didn't leave a message, I'm sorry.
YES!! Countdown to Europe tour with @joshuaradin starts jan 25th. https://t.co/s6NyQ0BEzR. Xoxox https://t.co/fWwWUNq815
RT @toxicboi89: @rachaelyamagata THANK YOU for the Pledge exclusive Covers EP! It's so great, and yes I cried.. The perfect appetizer for #TightropeWalker!
Try 'elephants' for late night, 'side dish friend' w lots of coffee and 'dealbreaker' if ur heartbroken.. Xox https://t.co/l6Pg8Gzb50
New Album update: Happy 2016! General Update/ Covers Ep https://t.co/f3uzpT9YKD @PledgeMusic #rock
Feelin feisty post karate workout. May even lead to writing an uptempo song. Say whaaa???
Covers ep posted for pledge, workin acoustic happ now + songs 4U, mastered album done and writin sets for @joshuaradin tour late jan/ feb.
Pledgers of covers ep - check your inbox;). More news soon xoxo
I love living in a cabin in the woods. I don't love that my cell only gets reception on the front porch.... In winter...
RT @SteveConteNYC: Hey - happy new year @rachaelyamagata! LUV from me & my wife Hadda... SC https://t.co/97q1Y15fYp
'Same Old Lang Syne' by Dan Fogelberg... Sometimes you just have to play on repeat. Not that I did that in college one year for like ever..
Happy New Year everybody!! May all of your dreams come true and every day be filled with LOVE. Xoxox
I spend a good portion of my life at truck stops. Holidays too it seems. Go travel.
Merry merry happy happy to all! Xoxox
Let's do it! Xxo https://t.co/xkrfNIZr6t
RT @LevonHelmRamble: Thank you, Liz Mitchell, for orchestrating last night's show at Levon's. It was phenomenal! Thank you to all the... https://t.co/sQWUvjlSSw
Pretty cool when the co-founder of a cool company writes back directly and is a fan too. Can't wait to try! https://t.co/9h4L5AISD2
When u can't read anything without reading glasses...u can find me at cvs pretending not to try on 1.75s...#wtf #seriously # byeyouth
I suppose if your car is going to die, it's a good thing it happens as u r pulling into a parking space. #silverlining
Final final mixes, pledge, post office, stacking wood, album credits, dishes... A few of the things I've been up to. Oh + I took a shower.
Leaf blowing and quickbooks.. Officially missing tour
Maui friends! Go see @joshuaradin @mynameisyouband @carybrothers and rosebud tonight in Maui! Jealous. Miss them. Gonna be fab show!
RT @ihaas: I wrote this article and I'm v proud of it so read it and weep, Hollywood! https://t.co/mdmCMwLArY
This I will miss. Thank you #hawaii friends for making it out to the shows and giving us the greatest end of tour!xo https://t.co/c4nw3fFPR6
Tonight we play #mauitheater #maui final show of a beautiful year of touring. https://t.co/s6NyQ0Tfrp https://t.co/w2dU2DUEpI
I just had an encounter with a white wine walker...
Snorkeling is the closest I get to facing stage fright in terms of similarity... I may get eaten alive at any time, but there is such beauty
Watching tv in hotel #maui and see my elephants' video and a chat about my show this Sat. Thx #whatsgoingon #akaku #mauitheater tomorrow!
Thank you Larry John for a hilariously awesome time on your show The Tub #KAKU #Maui. Xox
Thank u #honolulu for tonight's sold out show!! So fun! Post show we made it 3 nights in a row to here... Love! https://t.co/oPa7I43rza
RT @honolulumuseum: .@rachaelyamagata's world tour lands at Doris Duke Theatre tonight at 7:30! Tix going quick: https://t.co/0ptIBGCoEY https://t.co/duKtmJsYf0
Thanks Chris for the great Conversation today! #HPR #Hawaii https://t.co/Tco8HoNItf
Just got hit by a flying paper bag in the wind. It was like American Beauty but really awkward.
15 hr drives in a van get nullified w this beauty. #honolulu #2moreshowsoftourtogo https://t.co/4ddhvy8KCi
Hawaii tour starts here. Yes! #honolulu Doris Duke Theater Honolulu Museum of Art Dec 2 https://t.co/adCYDrE7Vu https://t.co/XaPKFcZTNd
Asia! Thank u for such an amazing time. We LOVE u all! 18 hrs later and we are in Hawaii. Aloha! Xox
RT @RenoSteph: Been packing (Paris and LA), #screenwriting Tomorrow @NeonLightsFest with Mercury Rev, @DamienRice and @rachaelyamagata Life is good!✈️
RT @tdlucas: How good is @rachaelyamagata!! The find of @clockenflap so far!
RT @arockmom: A cappella 'Elephants' under blue sky. Amazing. @rachaelyamagata please come back! @clockenflap https://t.co/ajsdFxAGhx
RT @ypmelaniel: Can't wait for Rachael Yamagata's set at #clockenflap today! Read our fun Q&A here @rachaelyamagata https://t.co/zQjfRlW8sr
3 days til landing in #HAWAII Join us for 2 shows - Honolulu Dec 2nd / Maui Dec 5th. Yes! we finally return! https://t.co/UW4FKrM1Bk tour
Arrived in Seoul for 2 shows and then Hong Kong, Singapore, Honolulu and Maui. Final tour of the year has begun! https://t.co/adCYDrE7Vu
Our last show of this run is Tonight in #NYC @WebsterHall Opening the show is @mynameisyouband join us for one last hoorah! Full band xoxo
RT @IHEG: Come see @rachaelyamagata + @mynameisyouband at #IronHorseMusicHall TONIGHT https://t.co/Dof7DZ8zVw https://t.co/izpRqsJ8Xf
Our hearts go out to Paris....
You got it! Xox https://t.co/nuB0GxPpJO
Hey there. Actually I'll be on stage. This is the first time I've ever won tix to my own show though. Thanks! https://t.co/tjdhHFbwKD
Coming to you #Philly Tonight we play @UnionTransfer ! Countdown to last few shows of tour. Xoxo @luccadoes opens the night!
RT @THATMUSICMAG: We've got a pair of tickets to give away for @rachaelyamagata​ & Tony Lucca @luccadoes at @UnionTransfer ​ tonight! Who wants em? #Philly
Thank u all who came out tonight in D.C. And thank u @930Club for again raising the bar for awesome venues! Love u! Xox
Backstage @930Club tonight!! #DC https://t.co/gv0a9eqcXG
RT @930Club: SET TIMES for #Yamagata930: 7pm Doors, 8:15 - @LuccaDoes, 9:30 - @RachaelYamagata https://t.co/QWhM2q6K6X https://t.co/ylm2IDUxpx
RT @helenaaok: @rachaelyamagata thanks for answering my questions for my blog post with the @930Club for your show tonight: https://t.co/kyhklToSEl
Tonight we play @930Club woot woot! @luccadoes starting out the night! Can't wait! #rememberinghighschool #backhome #bringit xoxox
Rolling into DC 3:30 am...
10 hrs in on our way to DC. Tomorrow @930Club. Only 1 wk left: DC, Philly, Boston, Northampton and NYC!!! https://t.co/rNZ2r0Ona5
RT @930Club: Loving these snippets of @RachaelYamagata's forthcoming album! Can't wait to hear 'em live tomorrow! 🎤 https://t.co/UG6QDGGwcz #Yamagata930
Note to self : When u walk into a bathroom and see urinals u know you're in the men's room. Go figure.
New Album update: Break Apart…. https://t.co/gKWDUPgqGR @PledgeMusic #rock
Tonight to #Nashville at City Winery!! And then onto @930Club D.C. nov 12 and @UnionTransfer PHILLY nov 13!! https://t.co/s6NyQ0BEzR xoxo
RT @CenterStageAtl: RT @TktAlt_GA: Don't let this rainy Monday stop you from seeing @rachaelyamagata at Vinyl @CenterStageAtl tonight! https://t.co/xFVEXWyvHe
RT @IHEG: This week at #IronHorse @Futurebirds @tommycastroband @muswell_band @josepharthur @KatWrightSoul @boxcarlilies @AlexFreaker @rachaelyamagata
#Atlanta we will warm u up tonight! Big ole show #vinyl w @luccadoes
RT @CenterStageAtl: Tonight! @rachaelyamagata will be performing at #Vinyl along w/ @luccadoes! Get your tickets NOW: https://t.co/JYDRHUPN6m
RT @IHEG: At the #IronHorseMusicHall next Sunday: @rachaelyamagata + @mynameisyouband at 7pm. Tix: https://t.co/Dof7DZ8zVw https://t.co/lMOpcSCDLv
RT @Kristie1311: Can't wait! RT @CenterStageAtl: Tomorrow! Excited to have @rachaelyamagata back at #vinyl w/ ... https://t.co/Dt1aEs1SrT
Dec 05, 2015 Rachael Yamagata at Maui Theatre... https://t.co/GRyo7ytZuL
Dec 02, 2015 Rachael Yamagata at Doris Duke Theatre, Honolulu Museum of Art... https://t.co/d4qI7s3GwB
My shoes and myself and band are coming to #Boston in one week! @TheSinclair Dig it. https://t.co/kDVbKAoGGm
RT @washingtonian: Singer and Arlington native @rachaelyamagata performs next Thursday at @930Club. https://t.co/aPTZpVKPc6 https://t.co/JxrADyOqRW
RT @autumnshades: My interview with @rachaelyamagata for @washingtonian -- https://t.co/I3Fc9a5FLl -- performing at the @930Club on Thursday 11/12!
Next week : Atlanta, Nashville, D.C, Philly, Boston, Northampton, NYC. Only 7 shows left of US tour. Hope to see u! https://t.co/s6NyQ0Tfrp
One week from tonight we play the fabulous @930Club w @luccadoes Tony Lucca supporting!! Full band craziness will be had.
RT @TicketsBro: Dont miss @rachaelyamagata play at #UnionTransfer. View tix-> https://t.co/Nn68mCns6j #Philadelphia
First night w Tony Lucca @luccadoes starts tonight FSU #Tallahassee Florida! Xox
RT @clubdownunder: remember, remember, the 5th of November bcuz that's when @rachaelyamagata performs at CDU! Bring your dance moves & Guy Fawkes references.
Holy wow that's cool!! Xox https://t.co/J3YwcDrsEE
A real day off. https://t.co/Ju4BjEHysh
RT @AListSG: Amazing artists will rock 6 stages at @NeonLightsFest, whr music, art & fun reign 28-29Nov. https://t.co/jgP5eIFMrQ https://t.co/FdAfISKwjT
RT @RadioWoodstock: While his fame is international, many in the Woodstock area have personal relationships with Dr. Know - he's a... https://t.co/UqrH6PfFzk
RT @MzQ2U: @rachaelyamagata @GasaGasaNOLA @mynameisyouband If u R in NOLA you have to see @rachaelyamagata it is transcendental!!!!!
#NewOrleans driving to you today! @GasaGasaNOLA tonight w @mynameisyouband bring on the beignets!
@estefunny_ gurl!! I got ur shizzle for u!! Gonna send in mail babe. Thanks for being there tonight! Xoxox
RT @matt_liu: Time to see @rachaelyamagata and listen to songs that make it painful to think about the last girl I asked out at one of her shows
RT @RegularRobert: @rachaelyamagata @bluemidnight78 Looks like I'm first in line for the door. Sweet! https://t.co/Eb3VlyYpYC
RT @ectiwshop: @rachaelyamagata Die-hard RY fans, find a trusty acquaintance to attend a show - rarities album is truly AMAZING! https://t.co/ETv4TgeTvl
#Houston come spend your Tues night w us at Warehouse Live! Tomorrow #NewOrleans @GasaGasaNOLA xoxo
We're on our way to u #houston! Playin #warehouselive tonight! https://t.co/Grm7BcHYYb
RT @erikawhy: To say I'm excited about tonight's show is an understatement. @rachaelyamagata at Warehouse Live. 🙌🏼… https://t.co/dsGzEnLBOi
Ur so right. I hate myself. Don't worry though it will all be worth it I promise xoxoxo https://t.co/AQ0AE1O48Y
RT @acousticlive: A very lovely lady and I almost came to blows over the best seats at the @rachaelyamagata show. We compared sob stories instead.
Loved seeing my buddy @hemmingmusic today in Dallas. Have a great show girl! https://t.co/cjvFcmQRrQ
RT @Karyna_Micaela: Last night I dreamt @rachaelyamagata was scheduled to play at @KesslerTheater today. Turns out, my dream spoke the truth. So I bought tix!
#Dallas we be here! Join us for our show tonight @KesslerTheater w @mynameisyouband xoxo
Happy Halloween! Tonight we've dressed as a disheveled band in search of food after van life for 10 hrs. We could pass for zombies I think..
We tried, but couldn't get a Halloween show w any venues. Next time! Xox https://t.co/MqcB3DB0uF
We've driven somewhere, stopped somewhere and it's some day of the week. This is what I am sure of right now.
RT @930Club: Getting zen with @RachaelYamagata's soothing tunes before Halloweekend madness. #Yamagata930 https://t.co/stqvKzKXLB
RT @kiwifreund: Jamming out to @rachaelyamagata while writing about love and loss. Do yourselves a favor and listen to every. single. song. you can find.
RT @ohandassociates: @rachaelyamagata "EZ Target" sounds like a hit single; looking forward to hearing it on the radio (does that still exist?)
Girl! What a gorgeous piece. Thank u! Xoxox upearlyandlatewithyou https://t.co/vBsgZD0pXN
RT @pegstarconcerts: Winner of signed cd+vinyl is @estefunny_! Getting excited for Nov 2 @rachaelyamagata @mynameisyouband concert at @warehouselive!
Nov 25, 2015 Rachael Yamagata at The Hyundai Pangyo Branch Topaz Hall... https://t.co/GkbDMtqlWV
RT @TransmitDallas: SUNDAY: @rachaelyamagata at @KesslerTheater https://t.co/0WK2AajteI
Thank u to all of our beautiful friends and fans for making last night so special. Favorite LA experience fo sure. Xox
RT @shannonjrmt43: @rachaelyamagata you were on fire tonight ♡ and the band was soooo tight! You are all fucking amazing! https://t.co/m3HMOy2UFr
I'm super close to done with it so before def. I have a few bells and whistles to add and then I'll post xox https://t.co/Ci5Nvq2HX6
RT @carybrothers: excited to see my old pals @rachaelyamagata & @mynameisyouband emotionally devastate (in between laughs) the @TeragramLA tonight!
Thanks sweets!!! Xox https://t.co/EM4GMvYS56
RT @symonymm: Five new @rachaelyamagata songs have salvaged this shittiest of days
RT @TeragramLA: Ready for @rachaelyamagata with @mynameisyouband tonight?! Doors open at 8 PM. Tix --> https://t.co/eikIa5dqpV https://t.co/6OY9jPvQ7K
Girl! Ur the best thank u!! Xox https://t.co/FJxf9cKBV4
Pretty glorious moon out there tonight...
RT @pegstarconcerts: #Houston you got till WED 5pm: RT for chance to win SIGNED @rachaelyamagata CD/Vinyl! #liveshow 11/2 w/ @mynameisyouband @warehouselive!
RT @CityWineryNapa: Tickets still available for tonight's show with @rachaelyamagata with @mynameisyouband https://t.co/mQVSxRbeQz https://t.co/SrzlSMMFhx
New Album update: First 5 Song Stream https://t.co/ZFWthI0idY @PledgeMusic #rock
Goin to NapA today for the first time! Wine wine wine and swanky tunes @CityWineryNapa tonight!
RT @daviddas: Dear Los Angeles, if you don't go see @rachaelyamagata play tomorrow night at the @TeragramLA, you lose. https://t.co/dRZnSixIDC
Day off before #Napa tomorrow @CityWineryNapa we're comin to u tomorrow! https://t.co/WuvqcPb0YZ
RT @ellenwoodEP: #EPTICKETGIVEAWAY: @rachaelyamagata w/ @mynameisyouband at @TeragramLA 10/27 https://t.co/87jsri7k94 https://t.co/bSpJRAN2Lg
Sat night in #SanFrancisco @FillmoreSF tonight! https://t.co/6QiJYw8SGo
San Fran we're comin to u tonight @FillmoreSF w @mynameisyouband xoxo https://t.co/OsrarID7eN
Thanks sweets. Love u! https://t.co/4RKbmW3xv5
RT @WonderBallroom: @Rachaelyamagata brings her fantastic songs to the ballroom tonight! tix at the door
We're @WonderBallroom TONIGHT Walkin as band thinking we look weird and then realized we're in the safest place to look weird. #Portland
Much fun was had in Seattle! #Portland u ready? @WonderBallroom tonight!! @FillmoreSF tomorrow #SanFrancisco xoxo
RT @JoshuaRadinNews: @JoshuaRadin - European Tour with special guest @rachaelyamagata https://t.co/o6BzuG0u7c
RT @luccadoes: FL, GA, TN, DC, and PA: your boy’s opening for @rachaelyamagata! get tix at https://t.co/lIRPW0IEKp https://t.co/AkWPYaWjEg
New Album update: Euro Tour Belated Part 2 https://t.co/CVSCiTCX4c @PledgeMusic #rock
Happy bday girl! See ya at the Croc! #Seattle #librasrule https://t.co/QGdGR1geQk
RT @WonderBallroom: The always awesome @Rachaelyamagata hitting the stage tomorrow. can't wait to see her! tix: https://t.co/pnhRPoBrhk
RT @Do206: TONIGHT: @monqui presents @rachaelyamagata & @mynameisyouband at @thecrocodile. 8PM - don’t miss out: https://t.co/D4C146AjQ6
Me too! So happy to be back in gorgeous #seattle https://t.co/B8gTyxkxhi
RT @DotheBay: Read our interview with @rachaelyamagata before winning tickets to her @FillmoreSF show https://t.co/gLL55yyrak https://t.co/DMg8XZT1RG
RT @monqui: @rachaelyamagata bringing her crafty songwriting to the croc tomorrow night. tix: https://t.co/XgWF9eA1Pk
Nightcap hotel lobby beard scissor lime cut episode https://t.co/k1RLu1D3fA
RT @thestateroom: Looking forward to seeing you at @rachaelyamagata tonight! https://t.co/QxSzx0yueG
RT @thestateroom: @rachaelyamagata TONIGHT at @thestateroom! Special Guest @mynameisyouband Tickets: https://t.co/skJws7fPTx https://t.co/s2PmqVhY9u
Nov 28, 2015 Rachael Yamagata at Clockenflap Festival... https://t.co/6WpJlBX2BD
Gettin ready for soundcheck tonight at #LarimerLounge #Denver. Remember venue change from @bluebirddenver. All bluebird tix honored
RT @thestateroom: Looking forward to @rachaelyamagata tomorrow. https://t.co/QxSzx0yueG
RT @bluebirddenver: TONIGHT! The @rachaelyamagata show schedule for the Bluebird has moved to the Larimer Lounge. All tix honored. http://t.co/vqRvUO0HeM
U can tell a band in a hotel because they're always in half pjs, half clothes, disheveled hair, sunglasses and looking for coffee.
Hour 10 in the van. Minn was uber fun and now on way to #DENVER. Venue change for tomorrow- LARIMER LOUNGE. @bluebirddenver tix honored.
#Minneapolis did u know we're here tonight playin at TRIPLE ROCK SOCIAL CLUB @triplerockmpls come have date nite w us! Xox
Coming to #Minneapolis @triplerockmpls for our show tonight! New song meets old song meets rock song and slow song...
We had a blast!! Thank u!! Xoxo https://t.co/zRb3rhW26d
RT @ohandassociates: @rachaelyamagata thank you for the shout out during Sunday Afternoon -- my all time favorite track!!! see you on the road... #yamagataholic
#chicago #parkwest doors 6:30 show starts at 7:30 TONIGHT
@swervemagazine @ClubCafeLive thanks guys!! Xox
RT @swervemagazine: Review and pics of @rachaelyamagata kick-off night to US tour at @ClubCafeLive now online at http://t.co/bGAmP5y65H
Post show I'd love to say hi yes!! #Denver https://t.co/M9wEKXURKp
RT @Katey1469: @rachaelyamagata good morning! Had a great time last night 😘 http://t.co/BsVi3yhQsa
Early morning leaving Pittsburgh. #chicago here we come.... http://t.co/aqaIpme22m
I am not a pheasant plucker I'm a pheasant plucker's son I sit here plucking pheasants til the pheasant plucker comes. Just learned that...
Thank U Pittsburgh for a fantastic night of opening festivity laughter and almost tears. I almost cried. Ok, I wasn't close to cryin. Fun!!
Listening to Maggie may outside hotel thinking of u on ur drive. Awake together. Xox https://t.co/dLsAh5j6I8
RT @Greeblehaus: Love that @rachaelyamagata has moved to @LarimerLounge for Monday - one of my favorite venues in Denver! See you then?
RT @ClubCafeLive: Listen to @rachaelyamagata's hand-picked playlist for you before coming to see her here TONIGHT! ♫ http://t.co/5E44FYua5S | #nowplaying
RT @ClubCafeLive: TONIGHT!: @rachaelyamagata with @mynameisyouband! $22, Doors 7pm, Tix: http://t.co/mwgcHeAKSX http://t.co/gQQhwIwKEB
RT @opusoneprod: TONIGHT! @ClubCafeLive @rachaelyamagata w/ @mynameisyouband! $22, Doors 7pm, Tix: http://t.co/0qGtdKC5SP http://t.co/HRqt76xlW3
RT @swervemagazine: We talk tours/songs/the upcoming album w/ @rachaelyamagata who plays @ClubCafeLive TONIGHT http://t.co/glQYqCSpEM http://t.co/1abIKkM54z
Last night #Pittsburgh view so purty it deserved pix, but 3am arrival too tired. Now all I see is a 'quality rolls' sign. #clubcafe tonight!x
1st injury of tour - twig in my foot. Thankfully band poured whiskey on it to disinfect. I did not let them pee on it as was also suggested.
If u were stranded on an island with no one around - how long would it be before u had sex w a monkey? #bandtalk #tour #quoteliststartinnow
Nov 29, 2015 Rachael Yamagata at Neon Light's Festival... http://t.co/zRoZ5aieXP
October 19, 2015 Rachael Yamagata at Larimer Lounge... http://t.co/Z3RPIgOpiA
Ditto girl! Xo https://t.co/PvJuqvqKLZ
VENUE CHANGE DENVER to the Larimer Lounge this Monday night. Tix - http://t.co/2DzAyRs1Dl All Bluebird tickets will be honored. Xo
RT @ClubCafeLive: .@PGHCityPaper caught up w/ @rachaelyamagata ahead of her show here tomorrow! Read up: http://t.co/pe5aKYLmoi Tix: http://t.co/QWEKeyqQxZ
RT @TheGarden: See how singer-songwriter @RachaelYamagata finds her inner sanctuary on #BeforeTheShow https://t.co/hF15olY39g http://t.co/NK7jJCIUS1
RT @CHIRPRadio: Email "Elephants" to tickets@chirpradio.org for a chance to win a pair of tickets to see @rachaelyamagata this Friday night @parkwestevents!
Yes! Setting up my account this wk! Xo https://t.co/hlnz9iJWLE
This one is back in my life again... http://t.co/pcCy7qEMh3
October 27, 2015 Rachael Yamagata at The Teragram Ballroom... http://t.co/x6GBghhBFP
October 26, 2015 Rachael Yamagata at City Winery Napa... http://t.co/2aTX64E0sX
October 23, 2015 Rachael Yamagata at Wonder Ballroom... http://t.co/UY5nnbxLwa
October 19, 2015 Rachael Yamagata at Bluebird Theater... http://t.co/Z3RPIgOpiA
October 17, 2015 Rachael Yamagata at Triple Rock Social Club... http://t.co/R6eFaNvJgH
October 16, 2015 Rachael Yamagata at Park West... http://t.co/8shAhaMIOI
October 15, 2015 Rachael Yamagata at Club Café... http://t.co/tYIPFYN1xY
Late night rehearsal finished. Brain fried, but set finally sorted. Epic harmonies.
RT @twistDenver: Email contests@twistandshout.com to win tix to @rachaelyamagata 10/19 @bluebirddenver! Put Rachael Y & name in sub! http://t.co/y9FJqtEEu3
RT @tankboy: Here's a ton of stuff to do between now and Friday in Chicago this week! http://t.co/XnObTYG8YN http://t.co/wuifOrX1KF
RT @ClubCafeLive: We've got 7 nights of shows lined up and fall beers on tap! See you this week! http://t.co/0ADu55N3kz
When did 'rockstar' involve so much cleaning?
I know I've lost track of time when I think it's too early for Halloween decor to be out. Apparently it's not August.
1 wk from today we return to #chicago at #parkwest! 10/16 https://t.co/yXmf6fuuc3
Eggs. Yeah buddy. I can make eggs.
1 wk from today we play #Pittsburgh at #Clubcafe Band sounding awwweeessoommeee Chicago and Minneapolis up next! http://t.co/e6MNsHPx2H
RT @HypeMY: .@NeonLightsFest adds 12 new acts to #NeonLights bill, including @rachaelyamagata <3 http://t.co/Cxjol5Z5Tf http://t.co/b9rE78pDBH
Thank u @rosigolan for the awesome veggie spaghettifyer salad salad salad cook thing maker. Ur changing my world. Xo
When can I come take a tour?? @CLTStarRoom folks if ur near Charlotte, NC - u have to check this out! I'd love to do a session there!! Xxo
jet lag means dishes at 4am and coffee at 5
7 countries, 14 shows, 4, 000 driven miles in 17 days... My brain quit somewhere in there, but it sure was fun...
RT @PittsburghMaps: Club Cafe gets another mention: http://t.co/y0blx5v6xU - RT @GigsPittsburgh Ready to rock Pittsburgh? @rachaelyamagata at Club Cafe on O...
Finally home and doing loads of laundry. Thank u EURO fans for the most awesome time!! Love to u all and @ERomanoff @rosigolan xoxoxox
RT @mynameisyouband: 10 days till we hit the road with @rachaelyamagata. Dates and ticket links --> http://t.co/mk6EY8OA7x http://t.co/dMuZmbtrBZ
@paucorbalan @rosigolan @alliemoss @ERomanoff ditto!! Thank u!!! Xoxoxoxo
Beautiful #Barcelona. Last show of euro tour tonight! at #salabikini. Love it here!! W @rosigolan @ERomanoff http://t.co/SLT0kq1mA5
Barcelona beauty http://t.co/y40pEVffFS
RT @Cooncert: Será un honor tener a Rachael Yamagata por primera vez en Barcelona y además acompañada de Rosi Golan. ¡Hoy promete! http://t.co/Efmg277nnB
New Album update: Europe Tour Update Part 1 xox http://t.co/YkykDMiRKw @PledgeMusic #rock
Show comers @BitterzoetAdam - our bud @LauraJansen is helping refugees welcome to #amsterdam and needs small blankets donated if you can..xo
RT @360ams: Amsterdam singer-songwriter @rachaelyamagata is playing tonight at @BitterzoetAdam #Amsterdam​ http://t.co/b7aLl5s3U8
#Frankfurt we return tonight @BrotfabrikFfm w @rosigolan and @ERomanoff. Look someone sharpied a smile on my face http://t.co/TPv9vzZNVW
RT @leftclick5ave: midnight busking in Sinchon... he's really good!! performing @rachaelyamagata's Be Be Your Love 💕 :') I'm so happy http://t.co/TPPWvMjokh
We are by the sea tonight...Fri, Sep 25, 2015 Bocabarranca Srl Viale Italia, 301, Ravenna RA http://t.co/rYpHTQFJPb
Headin to #verona for my first show in Italy! http://t.co/X2oGymCHzK
Thank u for all the bday wishes!! Xooxoxox http://t.co/At4TGEceRQ
We play Berlin tonight!! Meet us at Heimathafen Neukölln ! #berlin w @rosigolan @ERomanoff xoxox http://t.co/8Fl4HLEvig
Tonight we return to Hamburg at #LOGO w @rosigolan and @ERomanoff. Tomorrow Berlin!! Love u #germany! Xox http://t.co/rKiARiIUMu
Tonight we return to Hamburg at #LOGO w @rosigolan and @ERomanoff. Tomorrow Berlin!! Love u #germany! Xox http://t.co/Y2EUczw2aY
@tenten7 xoxox
London! Absolutely had the most fun last night!! Thank you to all who came out and made it one to remember. Love love love...xoxxoxx
RT @mtthwm: I laughed, I cried... @rachaelyamagata you were amazing. A decade in the waiting and worth every minute.
Setting up this evening's show @TheGarageHQ in #London So nice to be back and looking forward to seeing everyone!!! Tequila and heartache?x
You are too cute. Thank you. xoxo https://t.co/N6GiHHTaYp
RT @TheInstituteHQ: The lovely @rachaelyamagata performs live in the Temple this evening! She takes to the stage at 9pm! Tickets on the door priced at £20!
Birmingham!! We're at the Temple at the Institute tonight! @rosigolan 8:15pm / RY at 9 gonna be fun!! Xoxo
show=energy flow=authenticity=true to the moment - that's what makes it free, authentic, spontaneous. So yes! xox https://t.co/jYsSyRJPo2
RT @ArtsClubHQ: @rachaelyamagata has arrived ready for tonights show! Tickets available: http://t.co/jaGY46jB65
Reminder - our show tonight in Dublin has been CANCELLED. We are so sorry to miss you, but will be back. Refunds at point of purchase. xo
So much fun tonight! Love u Edinburgh!!! Thank u Trevor, Thomas, joe, Annie -all!! http://t.co/IzNGZEOIBv
Spiegel tent!! Loved every minute of it! Thank uuuuu! Xoxo https://t.co/FKFDA6amDA
RT @circusedinburgh: http://t.co/TqGTrk3BQx Joining us for @rachaelyamagata this evening? You should be!
Beauty of Edinburgh tonight as we searched for fish and chips... Stayin up vs jet lag. Electric Circus show tomorrow http://t.co/gchReMpvsk
RT @kulturjournal: Ob #HowIMetYourMother o. #GreysAnatomy - viele ihrer Songs wurden im Film benutzt. Heute bei uns: @rachaelyamagata https://t.co/3PqaAr43ir
@OlivierHdez merci bien! Xoxo
RT @BrumHour: At @TheInstituteHQ Sep 17 @wolfalicemusic @drenge @madeviolentband Sep 18 @rachaelyamagata #BrumHour Birmingham http://t.co/zkKsNBHpeF
I'm watching u right now xoxo https://t.co/1ogrCNmDYG
U gots it! Xoxo https://t.co/CMykeqfbc0
Haha. Yes teacher, I do... https://t.co/Z01i2hswnL
We had to unfortunately ;(. Major travel issues out of our control. Tix refunds at purchase pt. xoxox https://t.co/16iyyWlAud
Because sometimes Saturday mornings are spent at staples....
@10pmKids thanks Benny!! I'll check it out! Xo
RT @louthiros: Music Daily Newspaper http://t.co/vM3JHeDuLK @rachaelyamagata @NickodemusNYC @NewMastersounds
RT @RHLevitin: 11/12's gonna be special. Gonna watch my two faves @luccadoes & @rachaelyamagata at @930Club! http://t.co/NXJg6yoMnH https://t.co/SFzJtEtUpK
RT @mynameisyouband: @jolenedpainter Nice! We're on tour this fall with @rachaelyamagata! Couple California shows: http://t.co/OYt6bYg9BH https://t.co/6Tf9nlO8lG
Love that u love it! Wrote it w the amazing Greg Wells. Xo https://t.co/LY7TuXXvLd
R.e.h.e.a.r.s.i.n.g. http://t.co/abh8PdXCWT
New Album update: THE RECORD PROGRESS, NEWS AND SOON TO STREAM ANNOUNCEMENT http://t.co/j2L6ulSbnw @PledgeMusic #rock
Rehearsing for Euro tour! Edinburgh, Birmingham, Liverpool and London up first next week. http://t.co/s6NyQ0BEzR
RT @GigsPittsburgh: Only 1 month left! @rachaelyamagata @ Pittsburgh on Oct 15. Grab the tix! 👉 http://t.co/sHkuRfihD2 http://t.co/g3SY8OxdoQ
RT @LiveRockChicago: 🎵 @rachaelyamagata coming to Chicago on Oct 16. Grab the tickets! 👉 http://t.co/wYsGcPRmSU http://t.co/RkgHE3xGZC
Leaving for our European tour in one week! http://t.co/s6NyQ0BEzR
Love u back!! Mailers goin out this wk w all news. Hang tight sweets xoxxo https://t.co/iC71LhzcOq
Tour tour tour http://t.co/Cm63AEOSGj
Aw, just take a number...
RT @FrankfurtGigs: Verpasse nicht @rachaelyamagata bei Brotfabrik am 28 September! http://t.co/Q7ELVCyB16 http://t.co/ArRJTf174q
RT @LiveRockDenver: Tix are slipping away! @rachaelyamagata @ Denver on Oct 19. Hurry up! http://t.co/ZfyLQuK98g http://t.co/oWYYlk0YMM
Became an auntie 4 times over this morning. Congratulations to my amazing brother and sister in law - they make magical people. Xoxooxox
RT @Rock_Birmingham: Only 2 weeks left! @rachaelyamagata @ Birmingham on Sep 18. Grab the tix! 👉 http://t.co/Xrx7uNJRxe http://t.co/eSxscq6HiN
Workin hard on acoustic happenstance, covers, record mixes, tour special release cd, pledge and 2 upcoming tours...and I need a shower ;)
RT @WOW247edinburgh: 20 exciting gigs to see in Edinburgh this September - we might finally see @foofighters live! http://t.co/3BaSKRSO4s http://t.co/toMjAHCncf
RT @IHEG: Waits meets Robert Flack+Nick Cave hangin w Wainwright=@rachaelyamagata's new album:http://t.co/PvVDEAl3fy Tix 11/15:http://t.co/Dof7DZ8zVw
Up in woodstock ny? Go see @tracy_bonham tonight @BearsvilTheater She's incredible!! Xo
I love when The Coyle Report comes out. Nice work @chandlercoyle Indie artists - I love this as an info resource!!! http://t.co/ZgCM3cOQc9
I love capers.
RT @PittsburghMaps: Club Cafe is buzzing: http://t.co/r0cz72ZDcT - RT @GigsPittsburgh Ready to rock Pittsburgh? @rachaelyamagata at Club Cafe on Oct 15! htt...
Morning early birds. Let's take it all on together... ;)
U made my night. Thanks doll! Xox https://t.co/uFbFziAIQP
Working with @kevinsalem today on more acoustic happenstance songs. Stripping them down and turning them upside down...
French music blaring and yard work happening. Love Sunday.
RT @LiveRockSF: Tix are slipping away! @rachaelyamagata & My Name Is You @ San Francisco on Oct 24. Hurry up! http://t.co/vjJDSLuJvn http://t.co/ZRMNPesHLC
Singapore! See my pal @joshuaradin at the Esplanade this Sept 4th! He's a beautiful artist and will melt your heart! http://t.co/OkJOiXed0D
searching for cover songs this morning to play on tour…justin timberlake, george michael and steely dan currently in the lead…hmmm...
i'm learning to clean up my desktop. this is strangely changing my life, or at least my morning.
RT @rosigolan: SURPRISE! Europe I'll be playing a string of shows with @rachaelyamagata starting in September. Tickets at... http://t.co/oQagjkqRFG
RT @LiveRockPhilly: Did you know that @rachaelyamagata is ROCKING it on Nov 13 in Philadelphia? http://t.co/OYPuYfKpID http://t.co/wz8i7trVI1
Sep 26, 2015 Rachael Yamagata at Bar Rossi... http://t.co/YvpmkLd5Jj
RT @whelanslive: Cancelled: @rachaelyamagata | Whelan's, 16th Sep - Refunds from point of sale http://t.co/tBusEf5j7f http://t.co/2bcNc3bNLX
Finally off radio silence due to fact that I left my computer in the TSA security line at LAX. Thanks for sending it back! Relief relief. xo
RT @Cooncert: En octubre tendremos a @rachaelyamagata en @BikiniLive. Descuento para los primeros fans aquí: http://t.co/2CkWWFsqiQ http://t.co/HaVgIoW7vn
TOUR DATES TIX SHIZZLE. http://t.co/s6NyQ0Tfrp up and running and on sale now. Gonna be a nutty fall! Xo
Working on a song currently titled 'rain song' in the Cali sun. At least I wrote it in the rain...
Day 3 stuuuuuudio
RT @pjksanova: Mood de hoy "Elephants" (y la profundidad de la letra) @rachaelyamagata http://t.co/lyjZSwMtxQ
RT @bluebirddenver: ON SALE NOW - @rachaelyamagata w/ @mynameisyouband on 10/19. Tix - http://t.co/J6viuS0Y8j
Girl! @hemmingmusic crushed it at her album release show @thehotelcafe Congrats girl! Grab her record!! Xoxoxo http://t.co/tcy4qQsNPb
RT @IHEG: .@rachaelyamagata + @mynameisyouband will be gracing the IH stage 11/15. Tix on sale today:http://t.co/Dof7DZ8zVw https://t.co/meQGWYJDdm
RT @TheSinclair: ON SALE NOW - @rachaelyamagata on Nov. 14th! Tickets >> http://t.co/7DmKmiEfSm
Tix on sale TODAY for Fall U.S. Tour! Woot woot! http://t.co/s6NyQ0Tfrp
RT @UnionTransfer: Also *On Sale Today* Fri., 11/13 @rachaelyamagata - Very happy to have her back! http://t.co/ygXOWemfPy
RT @pegstarconcerts: Get your tickets TODAY for @rachaelyamagata with @mynameisyouband at @warehouselive 11/2! Tix:… https://t.co/s9DD4rHnv8
RT @CenterStageAtl: . @rachaelyamagata tickets are on sale NOW! She will be in #Vinyl on 11/09! Get em' while they're hot! Buy them here: http://t.co/4cROUwq0vZ
Serious work done after 12 hr day in stuuuuuuuudio. Yeah baby.
RT @kler4866: @rachaelyamagata I just bought tickets for your Portland show and I'm so excited to share in the love and music #tightrope
@RegularRobert Houston we're up and running now xo
RT @WebsterHall: TONS on sale tomorrow! @JRJRmusic @modestep @rachaelyamagata @DALEYmusic @vintagetrouble + more! https://t.co/dyL9XMv5Fa
Working on it right now ;) https://t.co/9S4gk9rA9D
New Album update: Presale code for Fall Tour Tix 2015 http://t.co/tSLD61w7jx @PledgeMusic #rock
Last day of PRESALE U.S. fall tour tix. Some links revamped just this morning. Public on sale tomorrow. http://t.co/s6NyQ0Tfrp xoxo
Def! Out here finishing it now!! Xoxoox https://t.co/sdtGhqfbSA
All day on a plane is insane on the brain
RT @Rock_Amsterdam: Tickets vliegen de deur uit! @rachaelyamagata @ Amsterdam op 29 September. Haast je! http://t.co/2bGuTgX8Z8 http://t.co/DtaaMzQphj
RT @SagesScientists: We love supporting our Sages & Scientists alumni. Congrats to @rachaelyamagata on her upcoming U.S. tour. So excited! http://t.co/FVdpj5YPYt
Does anyone else have puttin on the ritz in their head right now?
RT @UnionTransfer: *Just Announced* Fri., 11/13 @rachaelyamagata *On Sale Fri., 7/24 @ Noon* http://t.co/bbL2IW2TsU http://t.co/1JeUjk6BBd
RT @CenterStageAtl: Just announced! @rachaelyamagata and Tony Lucca @luccadoes at #vinyl on 11/9! On Sale Friday 10am: http://t.co/HTphxRlAUj
RT @IHEG: ♫ Just Announced ♫ @rachaelyamagata at #IronHorseMusicHall 11/15 7pm, on sale Friday: http://t.co/Dof7DZqbk6 https://t.co/QngjczoINZ
RT @RivalEnt: Just announced! @rachaelyamagata and Tony Lucca @luccadoes at #vinyl on 11/9! On Sale Friday 10am: http://t.co/o8Q4OtOBbq
Thank u Susan Jacobs for bio!! Check http://t.co/adCYDrE7Vu for new dates posted. Presale starts tomorrow noon! Public sale on Fri. Xox
Thank u Susan Jacobs for bio!! Check http://t.co/adCYDrmx3W for new dates posted. Presale starts tomorrow noon! Public sale on Fri. Xox
Fall U.S. Tour Dates posted and mailer sent w presale code. Gracias @ohshervin for all the shots and @kaciewilliams for design. Xoxo
RT @WebsterHall: #NewShowAlert 11/17 @rachaelyamagata Tix on sale Friday at 10am. http://t.co/uWyKX2jmMd http://t.co/NvLhvEeCv1
Sendin presale links to U.S. Tour TODAY if u r on mailing list. Public avail FRI. Sign up here http://t.co/rNZ2r0Ona5 for first dib info
October 04, 2015 Rachael Yamagata at SALA BIKINI... http://t.co/RAnwYoSMbk
September 30, 2015 Rachael Yamagata at Rotown... http://t.co/sCIWieNVpl
September 29, 2015 Rachael Yamagata at Bitterzoet... http://t.co/FojrA58Jln
September 25, 2015 Rachael Yamagata at Boca Barrance... http://t.co/fZqU9xihUR
September 24, 2015 Rachael Yamagata at Club Il Giardino... http://t.co/zGDsv9LBoD
September 22, 2015 Rachael Yamagata at Heimathafen Neukolln... http://t.co/bNj2QAVc6o
September 21, 2015 Rachael Yamagata at Logo... http://t.co/T3ZA2FfkNu
September 19, 2015 Rachael Yamagata at The Garage... http://t.co/EK5hkaPOyT
September 18, 2015 Rachael Yamagata at The Temple at The Institute... http://t.co/gaoXjBXI05
September 17, 2015 Rachael Yamagata at Arts Club... http://t.co/KBtolv3NHM
September 16, 2015 Rachael Yamagata at Upstairs @ Whelans... http://t.co/oECqZCvc8G
September 15, 2015 Rachael Yamagata at Electric Circus... http://t.co/nsttljYC5M
RT @HamburgConcerts: EILMELDUNG: @rachaelyamagata tritt auf @Hamburg! Karten & Info: http://t.co/Zp7lmE8nW4 http://t.co/IJzA1S87JB
Presale links to fans on mailing list out tomorrow 1pmEST in new mailer. Sign up for early bird TIX on fall tour! http://t.co/piwfGfL72k
Yo @hemmingmusic - so excited about ur record release this Fri. R u gonna wear sparkles and drink some veuve or at least have a cheesesteak?
I also want to bake a chicken, but that is so out of the question right now
And finishing record and mailing packages
Planning tours and doing yard work
Back from abroad and
RT @LiveRockBerlin: 👉 @rachaelyamagata kommt nach Berlin 22 September. Nicht verpassen–Karten kaufen! http://t.co/qWFGXQhyAP http://t.co/4zEmRxCqbd
Eating a baguette in Paris on Bastille Day... #onlytimeillevertweetthis
RT @Rock_Birmingham: Did you know that @rachaelyamagata is ROCKING it on Sep 18 in Birmingham? http://t.co/1VV2aqj4WK http://t.co/BweS4s9ngQ
@amandapalmer girl, I live up here in these parts. Let's have tea sometime!! I LOVE ur work. Xoxo
Saw incredibly inspired performance by @amandapalmer last night. She rocks. http://t.co/xZ2FBeT26G
When u order so many shipping boxes u get a free grill w purchase...#workingthepledge
Finally back home after the big adventure! Thank u all who came out to shows! Have great wkend be safe and BBQ it up! Xox
I hate electronic hotel keys that fail when u need them most
Happy birthday to the best brother!! He makes me laugh til I cry and makes the world a better place. @joshruben love u.
RT @JimMinge: Go home after work? Are you nuts? Get to @stircove for @rachaelyamagata-@DavidGray! Info via The Dispatch @WOWT6News: http://t.co/fe0fHyEJYu
RT @MusicGeekSvcs: Listen to Intro To Rachael Yamagata by Chandler on @AppleMusic @rachaelyamagata https://t.co/VfazHnZkaZ
Thank u beautiful folks who came out to @RaviniaFestival tonight w @amoslee and @DavidGray What a stunning place to play. Kisses to all xo
Early show for me tonight @RaviniaFestival 6:20 start for my set and then @amoslee and @DavidGray xoox
RT @andrewjaykeenan: The tour continues tonight at The Ravinia Pavilion here in Highland Park, IL. @RachaelYamagata opens… https://t.co/UiX1ai1tNk
Opening the show tonight @WhiteRiverStPrk #Indy with @amoslee and @DavidGray I go on at 7pm. Come early and start up sat nite! Xox
Love u @amoslee
Please know that venue has done everything for SAFETY. Lightning earlier meant time limits before we knew schedule. Xox
Show up and running now w @DavidGray onstage! I'll be out by Merch table after his set if anyone wants to say hi!!
RT @WoodsAtFontanel: @lzettler Unfortunately due to the weather delay @rachaelyamagata will not be performing her set. We are aiming to be up and running soon.
You will LOVE the sets by @DavidGray and @amoslee so get ready for a brilliant show in spite of the weather!! Xoxo
Mother Nature has put a damper on my set tonight unfortunately. I'm sorry to announce I will not be playing this eve. Out of my control. Xox
RT @WoodsAtFontanel: Update: for your safety, we will be holding doors until at least 7:00pm due to weather. Stay tuned for further info. @amoslee @DavidGray
RT @WoodsAtFontanel: We are temporarily holding doors until the weather passes. Stay tuned for further updates @amoslee @DavidGray
RT @NoCountryNash: Catch @amoslee & @davidgray w/ @rachaelyamagata TONIGHT at @WoodsAtFontanel! More info & more shows here: http://t.co/SVYO5l9MR6
Tonight we play The Woods Amphitheater at Fontanel #nashville. I'm on at 7pm and then @DavidGray and @amoslee come celebrate! Xox
RT @cnnbrk: Every. Single. State. #LoveWins http://t.co/qfl4Z1u8qd http://t.co/JLWbv3KOTh
New Album update: while you are waiting for da goodies - Recap of Asia Tour! http://t.co/j4qGDZZjN7 @PledgeMusic #rock
Gorgeousness. @DavidGray backstage view http://t.co/ZGFrv7flio
RT @sugarcupples: @rachaelyamagata opening for @amoslee & @DavidGray in Nashville! Pinch me if Im dreaming! #beyourlove #illfindaway #reasonswhy @amooney628
RT @GigsinIndy: 🎶 @rachaelyamagata, @amoslee & David Gray, Jun 27, Grab a ticket: 🎫 http://t.co/xfuu4SdkdB http://t.co/G2631jGllS
RT @Rock_Birmingham: Only 3 months left! @rachaelyamagata @ Birmingham on Sep 18. Grab the tix! 👉 http://t.co/09RJnxhgmg http://t.co/ro8cNCrC21
RT @RoseMusicCenter: TONIGHT: @DavidGray, @amoslee and @rachaelyamagata! Tickets are still available! Doors open at 6:00pm.
Rose Music Center tonight!! #Huberheights #ohio come early to catch my set 7pm. Supporting @amoslee and @DavidGray xoxo
Killer sets by @amoslee and @DavidGray tonight!! Drinking it in! #inspired
Come spend Mon evening w us at Meadowbrook Music Fest! #rochesterhillsMI @DavidGray @amoslee will be awesome night of music! I'm on at 7pm x
Backstage tonight http://t.co/tOwtKXduAe
RT @ArtparkNY: Getting ready to welcome @DavidGray @amoslee @rachaelyamagata to the mainstage tonight! Tickets http://t.co/rCII2SQ0c2
'Dealbreaker' off of the album 'Chesapeake' thanks doll! Xo https://t.co/urJuhNwqIH
Philly u were SCHWEET tonight. Love love love.
Yes! @MannCenter tonight w @DavidGray and @amoslee ! First time for me on this beautiful stage. #philly xoxo http://t.co/LOjmUJUJu3
Dreams....@RadioCity @amoslee @DavidGray Thank uuuuuuu. Xoxoox
Tonight @RadioCity w @DavidGray and @amoslee !! Yeah baby!!
RT @MannCenter: Don’t miss @AmosLee & @DavidGray in Philly at @MannCenter this Fri w/ @RachaelYamagata. Tix: http://t.co/YOww3ACQzA http://t.co/Z1McHj74gF
Thank you #portland #maine @DavidGray for super fun show last night!!! #vermont we're headed to u tonight #shelbournemuseum on the green xox
Seriously??? Stranded at pier w a truck that is still running even though the keys r out. AAA here now trying to save us on 1st night o tour
RT @wfconcerts: Time for Day 3 on the @MaineStatePier - Tonight we have @DavidGray with @rachaelyamagata. Doors for open at 5pm with the show at 6:30pm.
Show day w @DavidGray TODAY!! Comin to you Maine St Pier #portland The Don and I have the heartache heart wake set planned. 6pm come early!
I have a knack for turning easy recipes into total disasters. #feedingtheband #bandgonnawanttakeout
RT @RadioCity: .@rachaelyamagata is @DavidGray & @amoslee's special guest next week! Will you be there? http://t.co/eiRH99uLHi http://t.co/1VsleAgjJI
rehearsing our set for tomorrow's show in #portlandmaine w @DavidGray can't wait!! http://t.co/qVFY6Niz5B
Jet lag is a pain/ yet we're rehearsing again/ music saves the day/ gonna play with @DavidGray/ happy as can be/ then we'll join @amoslee x
RT @Rock_Birmingham: Birmingham, are you ready for @rachaelyamagata? Get ur tix here http://t.co/cqGk0M9vn6 http://t.co/vjg7q7a7FH
RT @VZWAmphitheatre: Here's your chance to win tickets to our @DavidGray @amoslee show with @rachaelyamagata on June 24! https://t.co/u4VE7vxT1z
RT @TheInstituteHQ: NEW SHOW! @rachaelyamagata The Temple Friday 18th September 2015 Doors: 6pm Tickets on-sale now: http://t.co/wDsHFTkDPT
Seoul - you blew our minds! Thank u!!! Xoxoxox #museincity #foreverlove http://t.co/6fFOeidbuM
Still on a cloud from @MUSEINCITY festival in Seoul. So many incredible artists. Unforgettable night for us. Love forever xoxoxo
All day affair at #MUSEINCITY festival! Come early and see incredible women tear up the stage!! #seoul #energy #inspiration #beauty xoxo
Me too!!! Can't wait!! Xoxoxo https://t.co/SSGwfkRboZ
New friends and amazing audience last night in Taipei!!! Thank you all! We had the best time!!! Xoxooxo http://t.co/Wf2hWD6MvM
Show day! Our very first in #Taipei at #att4fun. Excited to share the music with everyone! Xoxoxo http://t.co/adCYDrE7Vu
The kingsmen of Taipei... Show at #att4fun #taipei #june2nd http://t.co/IZ7XPr6lmd
Thank u Singapore for such a fantastic experience once again!!! Forever in my heart! @Greenhorngigs love to u all!! Xoxoxox
Tonight we play #singapore at the #esplanade. Thank u @Greenhorngigs for bringing us back! http://t.co/MDfqGHu4EY
Jet lag and orphan black go quite nicely.
Excited to see the folks @Greenhorngigs tonight and play the ESPLANADE tomorrow night in #singapore #greattobeback
RT @CityNomads: Yay! @rachaelyamagata performs live at #Esplanade tmr. @Greenhorngigs #Singapore https://t.co/Dekz90c5Fu http://t.co/vsnzASh1rQ
Louie C Kat. Ha! https://t.co/ZEbvxL3321
New Album update: News - Incentives IN PRODUCTION and Mixing Continues... http://t.co/rfkDRU57Lw @PledgeMusic #rock
RT @mtgh: Don't miss @rachaelyamagata live in Singapore this Friday — tickets at SISTIC! http://t.co/lJK6CuDHIS @Greenhorngigs http://t.co/jFAMGQAV2S
Rehearsing and taking breaks watching @HeyLamby and Colette dance party awesomeness
Awake at 4:17am US time means I'll be almost sane by showtime next week in Asia. Starting early on jet lag.
RT @RaviniaFestival: .@DavidGray & @AmosLee's US Tour hits our Pavilion June 28 with @rachaelyamagata http://t.co/xZwiCXWa8J Get tickets: http://t.co/6J7827z3Xw
RT @RadioCity: Who's ready for @rachaelyamagata to take the #RadioCity stage on 6/17 as a special guest for @DavidGray & @amoslee?! https://t.co/DdJj3ANPFf
RT @CityNomads: Have u bought your tickets for @rachaelyamagata live in #Singapore on 29 May? http://t.co/LPnw2xSdQz http://t.co/DCm9ICtTU1
@HeyLamby holy happy late bday! Xox
@HeyLamby ha!! I told him too. Miss ur face! Xo
Electronics will break, travel delays, peeps from ur past come around. Oh - and everything's f?!*#ed for a bit. Xox https://t.co/dfai9S5HVU
RT @Cooncert: Vemos que conocéis más a @rachaelyamagata de lo que nos pensábamos... Entradas a 16€ aquí: http://t.co/FGlXWQHG07 http://t.co/U5ESe2ygMS
I just tried to 'favorite' an email
Date night editing guitars.
Can't wait to play with @KerenAnnMusic @PriscillaAhn in Korea in 3 wks at Muse in City Music Festival!! Fav ladies!! http://t.co/adCYDrmx3W
RT @Ripping2: Rachael Yamagata @rachaelyamagata at Electric Circus @circusedinburgh Tuesday, 15th Sept on sale now http://t.co/nSLPEeVqkt #fb
RT @ReneeYohe: So grateful I got to meet the incredibly talented & beautiful @rachaelyamagata on the #TWLOHAMovie set. #tbt http://t.co/tVTgnc80LK
RT @tracy_bonham: @rachaelyamagata @Tracybonham @Stageit soo much fun Rach! Next time we do one of your beautiful songs! http://t.co/MjNpoBHjy3
Singin w @TracyBonham tonight for her @Stageit show. 8pm EST live from da woods. ONLINE! See it from anywhere: http://t.co/1Y79S7f2vy xoxo
Listening to Cat Power and Tom Waits for morning inspiration...
Congrats @rhettmiller on ur awesome NEW RECORD out TODAY! Loving it!!! Official site: http://t.co/QJovWIAc80 iTunes: http://t.co/Tg0npIcRQ7
I'm renaming my 'to do' list a 'wish' list
Congratulations to both of u!!!! May u have the happiest days forever! Definite cheers to your LOVE! Xoxoxxo https://t.co/UMT3qZM9C4
RT @MaineThingsToDo: David Gray with Rachael Yamagata!! June 13 Maine State Pier http://t.co/DEGjT0FLep @wfconcerts @DavidGray @rachaelyamagata
RT @tracy_bonham: To all mothers everywhere (especially my mother mother Lee Anne). Here is my latest version of Mother Mother with... http://t.co/36MaGj2GVu
Love to all of the mothers past present and future...
RT @tcchip: Ticket for @rachaelyamagata at Singapore confirmed. The countdown begins!
Super cool!! Lovin it! Thanks for sharing xoxox https://t.co/yUv0KxOeqJ
RT @CityNomads: Oh @rachaelyamagata live in #Singapore on 29 May. Grab your tickets now. #music http://t.co/LPnw2xSdQz
Shall we dance on this table? https://t.co/7TsZD141yU
RT @whelanslive: #News @rachaelyamagata (USA) | Whelan's, Wed 16th Sep | €16.50 http://t.co/tBusEf5j7f http://t.co/2bcNc3bNLX
Early bird getting worms and shizzle
RT @Cooncert: ¡Allá vamos! @rachaelyamagata por primera vez en Barcelona presentando nuevo disco. Nuevo descubrimiento vuestro http://t.co/Gfd6Ly8kMF
ASIA! IT'S HAPPENING!!! XOXOXO http://t.co/adCYDrmx3W http://t.co/xHCwIta36Z
Debuting tonight!! My bro's podcast @joshsmindhouse break a leg!! Xoxo
Best show ever @SimiStone U R a Goddess!! Inspiration fantastique!! Xoxo
New Album update: A deadline extension announcement sent with heaps of LOVE http://t.co/59wFqtOa8K @PledgeMusic #rock
Playing w more vox today. Lalallalalalalala
RT @aschemaudtara: I CANNOT BLOODY WAIT! @rachaelyamagata http://t.co/gxNxulZ1pc
RT @leftclick5ave: @rachaelyamagata yay you're in my local paper! 😍 can't wait to have you back in Singapore at the end of May 🎶💕 http://t.co/YmDVbcIk1f
Coming back to Europe in Sept - FINALLY! Stay tuned for date postings…xox
Sometimes you are just an ass. And it's lovely. Forgive yourself for flying the freak flag.
New Album update: A taste of some more songs in the studio..and another dance off of course http://t.co/EUCeYeRitw @PledgeMusic #rock
RT @FittaTwitta: Video Of The Day - @Max_Hecker @rachaelyamagata Maximilian Hecker & Rachael Yamagata “Untouchable” https://t.co/npIXSHZxDK
New Album update: FEATURETTE STARING JOHN ALAGIA http://t.co/fQMCpfvRY4 @PledgeMusic #rock
Friday studio productive day/night. Cellooooos, samples, horns, wurly, electric goodness. What is she building in there?...
Studio day again studio day again studio day again studio day again studio day again
Can't wait to join the @amoslee @DavidGray @DavidGray @amoslee TOUR in JUNE!!! Find out when I join here: http://t.co/adCYDrE7Vu
New Album update: L.A. Sessions Studio Tour by a dork. http://t.co/13wmARJqpU @PledgeMusic #rock
RT @amoslee: Support for the US co-headline tour w/ @DavidGray will come from @rachaelyamagata & @thebandjoseph. More details: http://t.co/mx6fWEcK21
RT @DavidGray: Support for the US co-headline tour w/ @amoslee will come from @rachaelyamagata & @thebandjoseph. More details: https://t.co/isCVXg9tSJ
Another beautiful day in lala land. This weather is heaven. U hardly notice the earthquakes and mountain lions and great white sharks..
Definitely!!! I owe u a long interview when I finish the record!! Xoxox https://t.co/c1ikgSfPm6
RT @HeyLamby: When you need a cough drop and @rachaelyamagata tries to give you midol. That's a separate issue, but good call.
OOPs I just posted an incorrect date!! Correct date is JUNE 17th - playing Radio City on JUNE 17th with David Gray and Amos Lee!!xoxo
RT @VZWAmphitheatre: Fan of @rachaelyamagata? You're in luck! She joins @DavidGray & @amoslee as special guest on 6/24! Get tix: http://t.co/2gcDjburhT
RT @RadioCity: This just in! @rachaelyamagata will be a special guest for @DavidGray & @amoslee here 6/17! http://t.co/eiRH99uLHi https://t.co/97kSoB54LY
RT @LiveNationNYC: The super talented @rachaelyamagata has just been added to the @DavidGray / @amoslee show at @RadioCity! Tix/info: http://t.co/xXWlvlIRmP
Just back from studio. Making serious headway on the record w long days and late nights. #timespentlovingmusic
RT @mtgh: Singapore! @rachaelyamagata performs at the ECH on 29 May, tickets at SISTIC! http://t.co/ia9OIgiSLW @Greenhorngigs http://t.co/0Qo6GYaWBE
Today I'm singing about it being over. What else is new?....
June 30, 2015 Rachael Yamagata at Harrah's Stir Concert Cove... http://t.co/5yNp2PoqYG
June 14, 2015 Rachael Yamagata at The Green at Shelburne Museum... http://t.co/rsg7U0XIAf
June 13, 2015 Rachael Yamagata at Maine State Pier... http://t.co/sFJWc4fdVC
Friday turns to Saturday morning all day at studio. Reversal weekend hours. Bring it. Brought it. Time to sleep and dream and sleep slumber.
RT @SagesScientists: #FF Music we love @rachaelyamagata @Emilykingmusic @mozellamusic @Madonna @kaneholler @itsmagicwands @flo_tweet @beatconnexion @LittleDragon
Last week to support my buddy Ben ARthur @MyHeart kick starter campaign! Check him out, he's rad!! https://t.co/XxRqS0iS3p
RT @DavidGray: David will be performing a limited number of headline shows with @rachaelyamagata as support in America this summer - http://t.co/zsTjgu5Oay
RT @MaineStatePier: NEW SHOW - @DavidGray with @rachaelyamagata at the Maine State Pier on June 13th as part of the @MachiasSavings Concert Series. #wfc20105
Announcing shows w @DavidGray in June!!! Public onsale starts April 10th for: 6/13 Maine, 6/14 Vermont, 6/30 Iowa http://t.co/adCYDrmx3W
Lots of vox tracking going on... Just me and a fancy mic and my dreams of Mariah Careyness...
NY Tonight @BearsvilTheater @ZachDjanikian performs a genius set. He's one of my all time favs! I wish I were him all the time. Come hang x
The sun is out, deers r stretching and @kevinsalem is coming over to play some guitar. Gonna be a good day.
Because sometimes when we touch the honesty's too... Dammit
Cat stare. Cat. Stair. http://t.co/FcqsQop7TD
Missing these guys already!! Thank u all to who came out for @joshuaradin @carybrothers tour insanity!! LOVE LOVE http://t.co/rQo4SK7JSz
RT @930Club: LOW TICKET WARNING/SET TIMES for #Radin930: 6:30 Doors, 8-@CaryBrothers, 8:40- @RachaelYamagata, 9:45 - @JoshuaRadin. http://t.co/2Rt0wj7wHM
RT @LincolnRaleigh: TONIGHT- Joshua Radin with Rachael Yamagata and Cary Brothers at the Lincoln Theatre!! Tickets available at the door.
RT @IrvingPlaza: Just a few tickets remain for @JoshuaRadin w/ @RachaelYamagata and Cary Brothers on March 21st! Don't wait, get tix: http://t.co/fMMh0tNqBR
RT @CenterStageAtl: Tonight! @joshuaradin @rachaelyamagata @carybrothers at Center Stage, 7:30pm! Last minute tix here: http://t.co/gxCEfKRuuh
RT @citypaperevents: #WIN: 2 tickets to @joshuaradin​ with @rachaelyamagata​ and @carybrothers, Friday March 20th at @TheTrocadero​! http://t.co/Nlfb2QIlYs
Countdown! Birmingham tonight!! @WorkPlayBham thank u @RegsCoffeeHouse for morning jam!!! Xoxoxo
RT @granadatheater: Tickets for @joshuaradin + @rachaelyamagata will be available at the door tonight!
New Album update: Schnitzel and birds and a dance off http://t.co/b7n3JRqZN1 @PledgeMusic #rock
Tonight we be in HOUSTON @FitzLiveMusic rainy day bliss for some SCHWEET lurve songs.. @joshuaradin @carybrothers my partners in heartbreak
Tonight playing w @joshuaradin and @carybrothers @CrescentPHX #Crescentballroom #phoenix. YES!! Xoxo
RT @citypaperevents: #WIN: 2 tickets to @joshuaradin​ with @rachaelyamagata​ and @carybrothers, Friday March 20th at @TheTrocadero​! http://t.co/Nlfb2QIlYs
RT @FondaTheatre: Tonight! Joshua Radin! Doors 7pm | @CaryBrothers 8pm | @RachaelYamagata 8:40pm | @joshuaradin 9:30pm. $27.
RT @LisaSigell: Rachael, Cary & Josh. Unbelievable music tonight ! @FondaTheatre: @CaryBrothers @RachaelYamagata @joshuaradin (love you Rach xo)
Rae McAlister!! Thank u for the gorgeous flowers and light of my life! Xoxox
RT @FoxNHoundLA: WIN TIX to @joshuaradin w/ @carybrothers & @rachaelyamagata at the @fondatheatre this Sat 3/7! How to enter: http://t.co/GUEa5wD8WA
By the light of the moon http://t.co/0Xs7nPFbvR
May 29, 2015 Rachael Yamagata at Esplanade Concert Hall... http://t.co/jM200zSg4V
RT @RosieMoncrief: My Buddy, @joshuaradin and his buddies, @carybrothers &@rachaelyamagata are playing tonight at The Depot in SLC! Everyone should come! Yay!
RT @ellenwoodEP: #EPTICKETGIVEAWAY: @joshuaradin w/ @rachaelyamagata & @carybrothers 3/7 at @FondaTheatre http://t.co/eN4uOu1DFG http://t.co/EUHRjm62Rp
RT @mtgh: Don't miss @rachaelyamagata in Singapore on 29 May, tickets at SISTIC! http://t.co/9FJr7R2odD @Greenhorngigs http://t.co/19ZejC2oXj
women crush sweetness! Thank you Fonda Theatre! xo https://t.co/KFdFXNfJ7S
RT @EventsColorado: #ThisweekinColorado @durangofilm 3/4-8 | #FullMoonHike @rmnp 3/5 | @rachaelyamagata @carybrothers @foxtheatreco 3/5 http://t.co/PUlGo8HDd1
New Album update: First Round of Joshua Radin Tour Fun! http://t.co/Sb0Y59w6hK @PledgeMusic #rock
Thank u to all who came out for the Germany tour!!! Finally back is the u.s. With jet lag and great memories!!! What a trip! Love to all! Xo
RT @LAWeeklyStreet: RT and follow us for a chance to #win tix to @joshuaradin with @rachaelyamagata @carybrothers at @FondaTheatre on 3/7! #FreeTicketTuesday
Missing all my buds on the @joshuaradin tour!! Go see him and @carybrothers in Canada! Give them big kisses from me.
10 tix left before Berlin is SOLD OUT! Get tix now for Privatclub on February 27th. http://t.co/s6NyQ0BEzR
Finally back online!! Germany so fun already!! Munich, Frankfurt, Leipzig and Cologne - thank u!! Stuttgart tonight at Club 1210. Xoxo
Backstage at Brotfabrick in Frankfurt GERMANY. @ERomanoff about to go on and melt everyone's heart! Xox http://t.co/dpQQNDaPsZ
Munich in the studio on live in a few minutes xox http://t.co/ARwRS2H2JI
1st night of GERMANY tour tonight in #munchen #munich at the Milla-club!! So many pretzels here...www.rachaelyamagata.com/tour
8 hrs at airport. 52 min flight Detroit to chi. 2 hr Tarmac delay and one massive sprint to a connection flight... On way Now to Germany!! X
Airport sports bar... Germany here I come!
RT @TheCrofoot: TONIGHT: @joshuaradin with @rachaelyamagata + @carybrothers at The Crofoot Ballroom! Doors at 7pm, $25!
Valentine's day date night w @joshuaradin and @carybrothers TONIGHT at CROFOOT BALLROOM #pontiac #michigan hearts will be melted. Xox
RT @HOBCleveland: TONIGHT — @JoshuaRadin with @RachaelYamagata & @CaryBrothers! Doors: 6:30P, Show: 7:30P. Tix: http://t.co/rf3kzKdazC http://t.co/DP84xqKuyw
super proud of my buddy @adrienreju and her beautiful new songs! Pre-order her album 2 days left! x http://t.co/yvQyonAFS7 via @pledgemusic
Tonight we play HOUSE OF BLUES #CLEVELAND come out and join us! xoxo http://t.co/adCYDrmx3W @joshuaradin @carybrothers
RT @LiveNationON: Set times for @JoshuaRadin tonight @TheModClub: Doors: 6:30pm @CaryBrothers: 7:30pm @RachaelYamagata 8:10pm Joshua Radin: 9:15pm. Enjoy!
RT @originmagazine: Really stoked to have 2 of our favorite musicians in this new issue on stands: @rachaelyamagata + @joshuaradin #music http://t.co/27Egu4r1rS
Tonight @TheatreCorona in Montreal w @joshuaradin and @carybrothers !!! It's chilly, but we'll warm u up. Come join us xoxox
New Album update: pieces and snipits http://t.co/2zVeI2KTB2 @PledgeMusic #rock
@rickdotrick how have I not seen u yet???? Love u xoxox
Tonight at #PearlStreetNightclub in Northhampton w @joshuaradin and @carybrothers Come join us!! Tomorrow at higher ground Burlington VT! Xo
RT @IHEG: @joshuaradin @rachaelyamagata @carybrothers all in one place: #PearlStreetNightclub! TONIGHT! http://t.co/G15sgqCF7n http://t.co/Kt1khzplIQ
Packing for TOUR! Tomorrow night @The_Wilbur in BOSTON!! First night w @joshuaradin and @carybrothers Come early stay late!!! Xoxox
RT @BostonCalendar: See @joshuaradin perform with @carybrothers & @rachaelyamagata tomorrow @The_Wilbur http://t.co/AR3LA0Guyc http://t.co/F9sk1Y3FSj
RT @carybrothers: @rachaelyamagata I'm just thinking short shorts and a crop top, assuming we even wear shirts. No shoes just socks.
I'm premiering the new @CaryBrothers video #LovinOnYou featuring 22 = puppies! Watch here: http://t.co/7u0QftDzGy = <http://t.co/7u0QftDzGy&gt;
New Album update: Important Delivery Date Change for R.Yamagata Record http://t.co/EIgY6j6NzO @PledgeMusic #rock
RT @IHEG: This week at #PearlStreet: @campgreensky & @thelastbison on Wednesday, then @joshuaradin, @rachaelyamagata, & @carybrothers on Friday!
“@joshuaradin: .@rachaelyamagata do you still have my hoodie? It's gonna be cold... Brrrr” I want another one!! So snuggly. So over winter x
So @carybrothers what r u gonna wear for the @joshuaradin tour? Should we co-ordinate? Nothing above the knee right?
@JonnyRadtke love u miss uuuu!!!! Xoxox
RT @ImDannyWilliams: .@joshuaradin is coming to #ATL Monday, March 16, 2015 w/ @rachaelyamagata & the @carybrothers; get your tickets here http://t.co/qmOMIGzTD8
Thank you for the interview @originmagazine ! Check out the latest edition on stands and online for a bit about moi. http://t.co/j3Akbi2n8j
Laying down so many harmony vox on this track that I'm gonna need a choir to perform it live. #dreaminbig #gochoirorgohome
Running set ideas for next week's tour w @joshuaradin and @carybrothers !! http://t.co/4XTHQzRNIJ DATES and TIX on site xoxo
New Album update: Editing oh vey. http://t.co/EfFYewtvIK @PledgeMusic #rock
RT @LiveNationON: CONTEST: Enter for a chance to win tix to see @joshuaradin @TheModClub on Feb 10 w/ @rachaelyamagata & @carybrothers: http://t.co/EdsannC9Xf
MY TOUR W @joshuaradin BEGINS in 14 DAYS! @carybrothers and moi team up for heartbreak hilarity. East coast first!! http://t.co/adCYDrVJ3y
New Album update: Recording, building, bass'in and burning things... http://t.co/c0AtCaUj4o @PledgeMusic #rock
Continued studio craziness today..turning songs on their side, upside down and inside out. Been wks of work, but it's gettin there ;) xoxo
RT @TheCrofoot: .@joshuaradin + @rachaelyamagata + @carybrothers = February 14 at The Crofoot Ballroom! Tickets: http://t.co/2cFPb1NLXK
RT @CenterStageAtl: . @joshuaradin will be @CenterStageAtl w/ @rachaelyamagata and @carybrothers on 3/16! TIX HERE: http://t.co/PUPHin2460
@diegoskingston Congrats Isaac and Elena on your rad new place! So yummy. Upstate NYrkers check it out. #killertacos #stellarcorn xo
Countdown to TOUR w @joshuaradin and @carybrothers less than 3 wks away!!! http://t.co/4XTHQzRNIJ working on new record and set lists!! Xo
Tonight @RockwoodNYC stage 2 THE DOVE AND THE WOLF @doveandwolf Go see the fab French duo that came out w me on tour! 9pm free show xo
RT @mtgh: Virginia's @rachaelyamagata will perform in Singapore in May, tickets go on sale 20th Jan via SISTIC! http://t.co/P6kQ9LtQ56 @Greenhorngigs
It's Friday night and I have a hot date with emails and quickbooks. Gettin it done yo.
RT @MusicGeekSvcs: Learn ONLINE MUSIC MARKETING via @BerkleeOnline just like @KeraOhKera @RachaelYamagata @TinaTunes @hey_dub did! https://t.co/ZIhebO21LH
RT @CenterStageAtl: COMING SOON: @joshuaradin will be @CenterStageAtl w/ @rachaelyamagata on 3/16! TIX HERE: http://t.co/KFwTK4dIfU
@ShannonElizab xoxoxxo
RT @carybrothers: in one month, i'll be i'll be on the road across north america with my ol' pals @joshuaradin & @rachaelyamagata!!!! http://t.co/Q8OLY9Ahnw
Days of super song revision goin on in the woods... New goal of trying to make my tunes come in under 7 min at least. Ha. JK. Sort of not. X
RT @LateCambrian: https://t.co/zPhl4maVO6 Late Cambrian Lovers Point music video features costumes by @eeeshaw directed by @richardhawke
Boston! 1 month from today I'm playing w @joshuaradin and @carybrothers at the Wilbur theater!! Feb 5 http://t.co/CPng91aWUy. TOUR! Xox
RT @IHEG: @joshuaradin is on @TheEllenShow tomorrow! Be sure to watch & see him w/ @rachaelyamagata 2/6! http://t.co/G15sgqUgfr http://t.co/CgFyr7xJRH
RT @audreymagazine: Rachael Yamagata Gets Ready to Release Her New Album http://t.co/jOzDDyf5pV @rachaelyamagata http://t.co/x0CKlUHtjD
RT @TheCrofoot: Celebrate Valentine's Day with us, @joshuaradin, @rachaelyamagata, & @carybrothers in the Ballroom! http://t.co/2cFPb1NLXK
Happy New Year to everyone!!! Xoxoxoxo
RT @Inspir8ionPost: The whales do not sing because they have an answer, they sing because they have a song - Gregory Colbert
RT @CenterStageAtl: COMING SOON: @joshuaradin will be @CenterStageAtl w/ @rachaelyamagata on 3/16! TIX HERE: http://t.co/6os0uhJoi1
Merry merry happy happy. LOVE
RT @MusicGeekSvcs: Early xmas for some @PledgeMusic artists on @Spotify @SongMeanings @Rhapsody @rachaelyamagata http://t.co/dD6Z2ewjox http://t.co/YNURxUVDeQ
RT @rickdotrick: @WNRNradio @joshuaradin @rachaelyamagata @carybrothers @930Club Got my ticket!
Pledge friends. U r amazing. Thank u!!!! Xoxoxoxox
New Album has just reached its goal! http://t.co/bLl0y7tT65 @PledgeMusic #rock
RT @MyHeart: Free music from me featuring @rachaelyamagata is up @NoiseTrade this week http://t.co/B7PPXh53fk
RT @MauiTimeMachine: Songwriter @jason_mraz's interview w/ musical artistry of @RainingJane, @rachaelyamagata & @ColbieCaillat @MrazTeam http://t.co/ui98WWwEbK
New Album has reached 99% http://t.co/bLl0y7tT65 @PledgeMusic #rock
RT @hemmingmusic: Happy Friday! Nick made a little diary of my last day on tour with @rachaelyamagata for HipLizard, check it out! http://t.co/7z7OCZExCY
New Album update: New Additions to Exclusives! http://t.co/ugIgrwPq6Z @PledgeMusic #rock
RT @MusicGeekSvcs: Let's give @RachaelYamagata an early Christmas present. She's now at 95%. #100PERCENTBEFOREXMAS - http://t.co/V161el6dEM via @pledgemusic
New Album update: FINAL TOUR VIDEO!!! XOXO http://t.co/p3mN8X6PA0 @PledgeMusic #rock
RT @RickyDragoni: That voice me toca el corazon. So raw & beautiful. yes playing on repeat lol https://t.co/6vHC00q1vQ @rachaelyamagata
Mar 21, 2015 Rachael Yamagata at Irving Plaza... http://t.co/KwDlKfJXzH
Mar 20, 2015 Rachael Yamagata at Trocadero Theatre... http://t.co/krkE3aRbhn
Mar 19, 2015 Rachael Yamagata at 9:30 Club... http://t.co/EBEox9qkNq
Mar 18, 2015 Rachael Yamagata at Lincoln Theatre... http://t.co/n1RdhP988Q
Mar 16, 2015 Rachael Yamagata at Center Stage Theater... http://t.co/Giik8GqPWZ
Mar 15, 2015 Rachael Yamagata at WorkPlay Theatre... http://t.co/xkqIMX0noJ
Mar 14, 2015 Rachael Yamagata at Granada Theater... http://t.co/6TtYOZVTEA
Mar 13, 2015 Rachael Yamagata at FITZGERALD'S UPSTAIRS... http://t.co/TLasxruH5J
Mar 11, 2015 Rachael Yamagata at The Crescent Ballroom... http://t.co/99puOJy2Pk
Mar 10, 2015 Rachael Yamagata at Belly Up Tavern... http://t.co/SNL0tGxNH0
Mar 08, 2015 Rachael Yamagata at The Fillmore... http://t.co/sbUNi1sV5z
Mar 07, 2015 Rachael Yamagata at Fonda Theatre... http://t.co/y2YBbMV7co
Mar 05, 2015 Rachael Yamagata at Fox Theatre... http://t.co/9UVhDtdZfx
Mar 04, 2015 Rachael Yamagata at The Depot... http://t.co/LOBgJPEUrJ
Feb 14, 2015 Rachael Yamagata at The Crofoot Ballroom... http://t.co/k8TD8hJPer
Feb 13, 2015 Rachael Yamagata at Carnegie Library Music Hall of Homestead... http://t.co/iFqC5l5Lqq
Feb 12, 2015 Rachael Yamagata at House of Blues... http://t.co/JU1KqwolH4
Feb 10, 2015 Rachael Yamagata at Virgin Mobile Mod Club... http://t.co/AOidoDumkw
Feb 09, 2015 Rachael Yamagata at Virgin Mobile Corona Theatre... http://t.co/jPqnkoDC9F
Feb 07, 2015 Rachael Yamagata at Ballroom, Higher Ground... http://t.co/ykc07I3yri
Happy to announce that I will be joining @joshuaradin On TOUR this coming Feb 5-14th and March 4-21st!!! See http://t.co/Njm1G74JP4
Feb 06, 2015 Rachael Yamagata at Pearl Street Nightclub... http://t.co/jycFON3FxA
Feb 05, 2015 Rachael Yamagata at Wilbur Theatre... http://t.co/eoCUyz4dy6
RT @APierro_artist: So beautiful! @Rachaelyamagata & John Medeski cover Robert Altman's 'Let's Begin Again' http://t.co/123CTutOtU via @EW
RT @RoyalPirates_SG: Everybody's talking bout how I can't can't can't be your love.. Wanna be your love.. @rachaelyamagata @sooyoonk https:…
RT @CenterStageAtl: COMING SOON: @joshuaradin will be @Centerstageatl w/ @rachaelyamagata on 3/16/15 TIX HERE: http://t.co/lvgrMbweiC #atla…
@bluemidnight78 @jodipicoult finished leaving time! LOVED it!!!! Pure fabulousness. Tears.... Undeniable emotion. Xoxoxoxo
Had the pleasure of recording with John Medeski!! Check out Robert Altman's cover that we did!! http://t.co/4xNxqb13ub
RT @TheCrofoot: Will you be our Valentine and come to the Ballroom for @joshuaradin, @rachaelyamagata, & @carybrothers? http://t.co/2cFPb1N
After 3 days of brain rest I finally start to open 734 unread emails. #homefromtour #multitaskingishard
LOVE love LOVE... Thank u gorgeous audience tonight. Ever love @doveandwolf @hemmingmusic beautiful band. Faklempt. Moved. Missing. Xoxo
Final show of tour tonight!!! @MusicHallofWB #happenstance #NYC
RT @MurphGuideBK: the great @RachaelYamagata performs tonight at @MusicHallofWB (@doveandwolf opens) http://t.co/6IbzWEfuvt
RT @ruthfulgrace: SEE @rachaelyamagata tonight. HAPPENSTANCE in FULL: a show as rare as a unicorn & her voice swirls like molten black diam…
Very few tix left tonight for our show @boweryballroom get me now if u can! xoxo
Final 2 shows of TOUR tonight and tomorrow! @boweryballroom tonight! @MusicHallofWB tomorrow!! Come celebrate w us! Xox #NYC
Love u jane xoxox http://t.co/jFELTshbOQ
RT @TheBuzzAbout: The super talented @rachaelyamagata plays Philly tonight @UnionTransfer. Find how you can be a part of new project: http:…
RT @hemmingmusic: #Philly, hometown show! @UnionTransfer. Tonight 8:30pm. All ages. Can't wait. TIX: http://t.co/F4kaf3BOez http://t.co/jo0
Backstage couch selfie. @UnionTransfer tonight!!! #Philadelphia http://t.co/XJjVJ8J2nM
RT @UnionTransfer: TONIGHT -@wxpnfm welcomes @rachaelyamagata w/ @doveandwolf & @hemmingmusic Doors 8pm/$17 tix: http://t.co/LsISuFZjQb ht…
RT @BootAndSaddle: TONIGHT: our @rachaelyamagata HAPPENSTANCE show is SOLD OUT but you can still see her TMRW NITE @UnionTransfer! TIX: htt…
RT @Pressfocus: .@rachaelyamagata in Philly for 2 shows this weekend- @BootAndSaddle & @UnionTransfer http://t.co/00ziZbI5x4 Please RT @BBG…
Free show tomorrow night at Mohegan Sun CT! Tonight we get into drive day trouble. http://t.co/250Ti6dDvG
RT @Pressfocus: .@rachaelyamagata in Philly for 2 shows this weekend - @BootAndSaddle & @UnionTransfer http://t.co/aQPGZukHej Please RT @Li…
RT @SaraRtweetsEd: .@rachaelyamagata's show @thebirchmere --my first with both--was a night I will never forget. Thank you for all you put …
Thank u @thebirchmere and all who came out tonight. Endless love xoxoxoxox
RT @MusicGeekSvcs: Happy anniv. Ms. @RachaelYamagata in your hometown from 1 of your adopted hometowns. ‘Happenstance 10th Anniv. Show’ htt…
RT @BorderFreeProd: Big shoutout from @frankbellmusic to @rachaelyamagata in our @Skype #Travel chat http://t.co/QjJrLdWLNL #Music #Tunes h…
Happenstance Anniversary show tonight @thebirchmere first and last time to hear this record live all the way through in d.c. area!! xoxo
RT @DresdenBlack: .@rachaelyamagata on stage at @VisuliteTheatre http://t.co/zyx7N6Atf0
@Slateof8 next time cutie! Hope ur feeling ok!! Xox
RT @DresdenBlack: #TonightsGig: @rachaelyamagata at @VisuliteTheatre http://t.co/Wxm6Wq8LTR
RT @BenjiKRogers: A new model for @cordsformusic ... @ Brooklyn Bridge Park http://t.co/mAepSEWPmI
RT @MomAboutCLT: So very excited to be seeing my favorite artist @rachaelyamagata tonight @VisuliteTheatre :)
RT @VisuliteTheatre: TONIGHT @rachaelyamagata, @doveandwolf & @hemmingmusic! 8 doors | 8:30 show | $18! http://t.co/Fre7lpd9wN
Morning travels from Birmingham to Charlotte today. Tonight @VisuliteTheatre ! Xoxox
We're here Birmingham!!! Come play with us tonight @WorkPlayBham !! Xoxoxo
RT @RegsCoffeeHouse: Tonight at @WorkPlayBham, it's one of my favorite artists, @rachaelyamagata! Want the total package? Don't miss her! h…
RT @3rdandLindsley: Come down right now to @3rdandLindsley to see @rachaelyamagata with @doveandwolf & @hemmingmusic! Show starts at 8!
New Album update: HALFWAY THRU THE TOUR MEANS CRAZY http://t.co/rPKRREfgQa @PledgeMusic #rock
RT @NoCountryNash: Don't miss @rachaelyamagata w/ The @doveandwolf & @hemmingmusic TONIGHT at @3rdandLindsley! Details here: http://t.co/lw
RT @3rdandLindsley: TONIGHT: @Rachaelyamagata Returns with @Doveandwolf & @hemmingmusic! Show starts at 8! Tix: http://t.co/uSnsnZsy4R
Hr 10 in the van so far. Driving to NASHVILLE!!! @3rdandLindsley tomorrow night! Wednesday funtastic xoxo
RT @MoheganSun: We can’t wait to see singer-songwriter @rachaelyamagata for a free performance in the #WolfDen on 11/13! http://t.co/LhMnsA
RT @annanichole76: @rachaelyamagata sooo glad I finally got to see you perform and meet you!! http://t.co/a1pv8DMGef
HOUSTON tonight!!! Playing @FitzLiveMusic come join us date or no date! What if u r supposed to fall in love at this show? Xoxox #Houston
RT @NashLifestyles: Playing in #Nashville this week: http://t.co/xPRffqBV5j @SOHN @rachaelyamagata @saraevansmusic @BOBBYBAREJR @emilywestm…
RT @RamsHeadOnStage: Don't miss @RachaelYamagata w. @doveandwolf & @hemmingmusic on 11/10. For Real. Don't miss it. :) #RamsHeadOnStage htt…
RT @RealLindaPerry: Are you guys following the lovely and talented @rachaelyamagata ? Well get on that too.
Austin!! Tonight we play THE PARISH!! Full band, new songs and the oldies. @hemmingmusic @doveandwolf start the night!! Xoxox #austin
Dallas Dallas Dallas!! It's been three days of straight driving to get to u. Gonna let loose tonight!! @SonsOfHermann #Dallas
RT @TransmitDallas: Looking forward to seeing you at @rachaelyamagata tonight! http://t.co/dNqtbU21ZK
Grand grand grand. http://t.co/WCeoCCHlK3
RT @chapelhillmag: Virginia-born songstress @rachaelyamagata is coming to @CatsCradleNC on Nov. 8. Give her song "Heavyweight" a listen htt…
20 hour drive ahead of us today. And that's all I have to say about that.
@IvanKovacevic3 show start @hemmingmusic at 7:30 xoxo
@IvanKovacevic3 @HOBSanDiego @hemmingmusic tix still available - YES! 6:30 doors xoxo r
Can't wait to see u soon San Diego!!! @HOBSanDiego Doors at 6:30. Music.angst.hilarity.heartbreak tonic. #SanDiego
RT @HOBSanDiego: TONIGHT -- @RachaelYamagata w/ @HemmingMusic! 6:30pm, 21+. Get more info & tickets at http://t.co/2fAFdlOX3m http://t.co/k
New Album update: Going To Find the Bridge... http://t.co/co2lybeu1O @PledgeMusic #rock
Last show in L.A. Tonight!! Sold out @thehotelcafe ! San Diego tomorrow @HOBSanDiego xoxox
RT @JillWagner: favorite artist EVER preformed and gave me a shout out tonight @rachaelyamagata #notworthy #bucketlistcheckoff http://t.c
RT @BarbaraNiven: After the show w @rachaelyamagata & @MelkePR. Thx Sue! Rachael, keep living your dream & touching souls w ur music xo htt…
@butchwalker u r an inspirational everything. Love u @doveandwolf making fun of me as I try to find the words... Xoxoxo r
RT @butchwalker: @rachaelyamagata you SLAYED tonight as always. Carol King style. I'm gonna make a sleeping bag out of your voice.
@JillWagner love u xoxo
Thank u @RealLindaPerry for the coolest studio tour and lunch! Dreamy!! @hemmingmusic @doveandwolf #inspiringwomeninmusic
RT @thehotelcafe: Just released a few more tix for @rachaelyamagata show tomorrow night. Hurry! - https://t.co/f9V1uJuQrA
RT @theTroubadour: Set times for tonight's SOLD OUT @rachaelyamagata show: doors at 8/ @hemmingmusic at 8:30/ @doveandwolf at 9:15/ @rachae…
RT @ajenilynn: I just entered for a chance to win tickets to @RachaelYamagata w/ @HemmingMusic at @HOBSanDiego on 1029! Enter: http://t.co/
RT @doveandwolf: so happy our tour bus is following yours!! we love you @taylorswift13 ❤️ #ontourwithRachaelYamagata @rachaelyamagata http:…
San Fran u are amazing! Special thanks to this incredible group of musicians sweating their hearts out every night. Brilliance. Gratitude. X
Had a BLAST in Portland! In van since 5am and making our way to San Fran for tonight's show! Xoxo
Officially the most awesome brunch ever @tastynsons. Thank u for ur awesomeness Portland! Show 2 tonight @DougFirLounge
RT @Indie_Musiccom: Catching up with Rachael Yamagata: Her #PledgeMusic Campaign and the 10th Anniv of Happenstance http://t.co/WRjg5R6bh1
RT @SavannahTrue: Boyfriend & I are headed to #Portland for @rachaelyamagata 10yr anniversary concert tonight! So excited! http://t.co/D632
RT @LiveNationON: .@rachaelyamagata and @carybrothers have been added to the @joshuaradin show @TheModClub on Feb 10: http://t.co/mdBXm9o0wE
Portlandia!!! Tonight we play HAPPENSTANCE record! Let's go back in time @DougFirLounge http://t.co/rNZ2r0Ona5. Tomorrow new set same place!
RT @njudah: @rachaelyamagata hey I have 2 tix for your show in SF but can't make it. tell your SF fans they can have mine for cost!
Portland tomorrow for 2 nights @DougFirLounge come join us!! San Fran and both L.A. Shows r sold out. Xoxoxo
RT @biltmorecabaret: TONIGHT| @rachaelyamagata - ‘the troubadour of heartbreak’ - with guestsTHE DOVE & THE WOLF | http://t.co/fSdwH6WLnQ @…
RT @vanhappenings: Indie-soul singer-songwriter and pianist @rachaelyamagata plays the @biltmorecabaret tonight http://t.co/V6unPMxiB5
RT @njudah: Hey! any of you Twitter Pals fans of @rachaelyamagata ? I can't make the show have 2 tix will sell at cost. First SF fan w/emai…
RT @onthetracksjen: @rachaelyamagata listen in tomorrow at 4pm @CJSF Rachael talks about her music and we will play some too! Go see her 10…
RT @vanhappenings: Indie-soul singer-songwriter and pianist @rachaelyamagata plays the @biltmorecabaret tomorrow http://t.co/4EwfDJ5Keo
Seattle tonight at The Crocodile Cafe!! Vancouver tomorrow @biltmorecabaret !! We've made it across the country. In a van. Oh yeah. ;)
RT @88train: @rachaelyamagata takes over Cascadia this week :). Tonight in #Seattle (at @thecrocodile), Tues in Vancouver, Thurs & Fri in #P…
Setting up for tonight's show in Salt Lake City @thestateroom xoxoxo
Denver = SO fun!! Xoxoxo. Tonight Salt Lake @thestateroom
Denver tonight!! http://t.co/IkXnxknPo9
RT @vanhappenings: Indie-soul singer-songwriter and pianist @rachaelyamagata plays the @biltmorecabaret this Tues. http://t.co/s6Qatphrmw
Denver tonight! @bluebirddenver http://t.co/FppNsBD4Y5
ThAnk u to everyone who came out to @theGranada last night! Kisses Kansas and congrats on the big win. Xoxoxo
RT @theGranada: Do you love @Royals ? Do you love @rachaelyamagata ? Then why aren't you at the Granada right now?!? all ages | doors open…
Playing soon @theGranada Kansas!! Beautiful day for a beautiful night. @hemmingmusic then @doveandwolf and then our crew xoxo
New Album update: TOUR CLIPs SO Far!! http://t.co/uxYVZ7nyvo @PledgeMusic #rock
RT @theGranada: Tonight! @rachaelyamagata with the dove & the wolf and Hemming all ages | 7pm Tickets still available! w/ @909thebridge
RT @PaiSarita: Loved the @rachaelyamagata, @doveandwolf, @hemmingmusic last night! You ladies rock. Hope to see you all again soon! http://…
We are literally going to the bridges of madison county right now
RT @theGranada: Tomorrow! @rachaelyamagata w/ @doveandwolf , @hemmingmusic on 10/15 all ages | 7pm Tickets still available! w/ @909theb…
RT @CallitaLimon: "Choose your words carefully because they'll become easy targets." @rachaelyamagata http://t.co/k3VZuyIxpJ
RT @VarsityTheater: TONIGHT: It’s the return of @rachaelyamagata w/@hemmingmusic! 7pm Doors, 8pm Music, $20, 18+
RT @909thebridge: RT to be entered to win a pair of tickets to see @rachaelyamagata in Lawrence @theGranada this Wednesday night! http://t.…
RT @rachel_651: Excited to see @rachaelyamagata at one of my favorite venues @VarsityTheater tonight #livemusic #Minneapolis
Thank u madison for last night's festivities! Checkin out Willalby's this morning. Beautiful sunnnnndaaay
RT @HighNoonMadison: TONIGHT! @Rachaelyamagata w/ @doveandwolf @hemmingmusic | 9PM Show / 8PM Doors Tix ► http://t.co/wNz5vT72fG
RT @TrueEndeavors: Tonight! @rachaelyamagata takes the stage @HighNoonMadison! Doors at 8 show at 9 | 18+ | http://t.co/hThQ96F34W
RT @hemmingmusic: Wisconsin! Spend your Saturday with me, @rachaelyamagata and @doveandwolf tonight at @HighNoonMadison! http://t.co/L23m1A
Heading to Madison now. Thank u Chicago for being supremely awesome! Xox @HighNoonMadison ce soir!! Xoxo
RT @Indie_Musiccom: Indie-Music talks #PledgeMusic and the 10th Anniversary of Happenstance with Rachael Yamagata @rachaelyamagata http://t…
I miss my pals @mcsniper99 and RONIN!! Can't wait to see u guys again!!! Spring I think!! Xoxoxooxxoxox
“@doveandwolf: #ff our sisters @rachaelyamagata @hemmingmusic #UStour #girlsontour #girllove” GIRLS Gone crazy LOVE!! Xoxox
And that was FUN. Love u Chicago. Xoxox
RT @4adfan: #TBT to ten (TEN!) years ago when I first met @rachaelyamagata. (Magic ensued.) #happenstance #hashtag http://t.co/4ylTqpdZQM
RT @selenafragassi: I chatted with the always amazing @rachaelyamagata before her "Happenstance" 10th anniversary show tonight @Schubas htt…
@RealLindaPerry @hemmingmusic LOVE U BOTH!! Cheers to badass women making music together xoxox
RT @RealLindaPerry: It's time to spread some @rachaelyamagata love..So appreciate her taking @hemmingmusic out on the road. And I also dig …
in Chi town wondering if I should go visit some if the 9 apts I lived in here. First Happenstance show tonight @Schubas where it all began!x
RT @AliciaAtout: Concert Review: @rachaelyamagata w/ @hemmingmusic and @doveandwolf at @adelaidehallTO in #Toronto - http://t.co/q5tEUoJeZ9
@starlight36 it's all venue/base related. Not our choice to skip fo sure! Tryin to get back myself. Keep word of mouth goin. Tryin! Xoxo
Deep dish
RT @Chicagoist: Music Video Of The Day: @rachaelyamagata 'Starlight' http://t.co/l6CkvDKPrD Catch Rachael at @lincolnhall this Friday.
RT @APierro_artist: @rachaelyamagata Fabulous concert last night & a joy meeting you!#sistersofinspiration @annarborark http://t.co/E1uwbCY
RT @LincolnHall: RT for your chance to win tickets to @rachaelyamagata w/ @doveandwolf & @hemmingmusic on Friday, 10/10 (9PM | 18+). http:…
and I LOVE this! @CordsforMusic check out how these folks are helping kids thru music!!! Xoxo http://t.co/fTlYH3xjEG
RT @CordsforMusic: We totally love this. Check out @rachaelyamagata @pledgemusic campaign and help her raise money for her new album! http:…
Love u Ann Arbor! Thanks for an amazing night! Xoxoxox
RT @funbroKP: @rachaelyamagata thanks for a great show! I laughed, I cried, it was better than Cats.
Excited to play The Ark tonight in #annarbor beautiful venue and SCHWEET staff. Yam crew all here. Gonna be hilarity me thinks. Xox
RT @APierro_artist: @rachaelyamagata I paint to your music. Can't wait to hear you live in #annarbor tonight. 💗
New Album update: Going on Tour Preview Cray Cray! http://t.co/bJMCOjo0vI @PledgeMusic #rock
Ann Arbor tonight! Finally back w cell service again too. Whoop! The Ark tonight tonight. Xo
RT @torontodotcom: RT @LiveNationON: Tonight @rachaelyamagata plays @adelaidehallTO--> Doors: 7pm Hemming: 8pm Rachael Yamagata: 9pm. Enjoy…
Had a blast in Montreal and now we're in Toronto!!! @adelaidehallTO TONIGHT and finally @doveandwolf reunion! Gonna be crazy fun!!! xoxoxo
RT @annarborark: Tomorrow: Don't you dare miss fast-rising Rachael Yamagata, the troubadour of heartbreak! https://t.co/h05g1lmS5J @rachael…
@doveandwolf YES YES YES YES YES!!!!! xoxoxox
RT @HighNoonMadison: Excited to have @Rachaelyamagata back on our stage on Saturday, OCT 11! Tix ► http://t.co/wNz5vT72fG
Oh canada!!! Coming to Montreal today!! IL Motore tonight!!! http://t.co/250Ti6dDvG
So much fun tonight @Brighton_Music boston!!! Lurve u all. Xoxoxo
RT @yooska: @rachaelyamagata 6 yrs seeing u in boston-you've evolved so much. still so "you" every step of way. Happ(enstance)y to be on jo…
Boston! @BerkleeCollege - playing tonight w ur alum @owenbiddle on bass! I'm an online class berklee alum @Brighton_Music come out! Xo
Good news! @doveandwolf visas approved!! We'll miss them for Boston and Montreal shows ;(. Toronto TBD w them . More @hemmingmusic tonight!
RT @greenlandprod: Set times change for @barleritzpdb tomorrow, Oct. 4th - Hemming - 9 & @rachaelyamagata - 9:50 - No more Dove & the Wolf …
BOSTON today! Where my parents first met and married. W/o Boston I wouldn't exist ha! @Brighton_Music tonight. http://t.co/Dw2PTdNEs9?
RT @melaniemrms: I just pre-ordered Rachael Yamagata (@rachaelyamagata): New Album http://t.co/0UBYaI63Az @PledgeMusic #rock
New Album update: VIP tix details http://t.co/VfwdZXjxSD @PledgeMusic #rock
Had so much fun tonight in Northhampton! Thanks for making our 1st show so fun!! Awesome set @hemmingmusic go girl! Xox
RT @Miareeva: . @rachaelyamagata at the Iron Horse. http://t.co/HGDfxsfPgf
RT @yooska: @rachaelyamagata girl you always have the best openers. Stoked for @hemmingmusic tomorrow nite (& you, always)!
@hemmingmusic gonna slAy ur hearts tonight!! Xoxo
We're missing @doveandwolf tonight ;(. Stuck in Paris for uncontrollable reasons for next two shows!!! See them soon!!! Xoxox
We've hit the road!! Northampton MA!! TONIGHT @IHEG 7 pm show!!! @hemmingmusic is awesome support for this evening! Xox
RT @IHEG: Tonight at #IronHorseMusicHall: 7pm-The Troubadour of Heatbreak, @rachaelyamagata then at 10pm-psychedelic improv jams from @pige…
Pledge VIPs for tonight- tour manager has sent u email w details. We'll be at venue by 4:30pm. See email for contact info. Xoxox
@hemmingmusic girl u packed yet?
RT @ruthfulgrace: Wishing @rachaelyamagata a kick ass start to her tour. I am impatient for November. Big Love. xoxo http://t.co/KNxD7qiIvd
RT @RealLindaPerry: Make sure you support @rachaelyamagata tour dates with @hemmingmusic (brilliant): http://t.co/VuqLtwRtTm #hemming thank…
Our first show of TOUR is this Thursday @IHEG Iron Horse Music Hall in Northampton, MA!! http://t.co/0HlPHKabN8 for tix. 7pm early show xox
LAST DAY to support Adrien Reju: Unconventional Love Songs http://t.co/6UbccX6lFF via @pledgemusic. She's rad!! Please show ur love xoxo r
RT @Brighton_Music: See @rachaelyamagata in Boston this Friday, 10/3, with @doveandwolf & Hemming! Be there: http://t.co/rRw1Tl3fNX
RT @madidiaz: PHANTOM IS HERE!! Go to @iTunesMusic http://t.co/JhMsY3pjuX http://t.co/vChjVRORv7
Dress rehearsal done! Thank u beautiful friends for ur unbelievable awesomeness and support. Ruthie - diggin into goodies!! Xoxox
RT @IHEG: This week @ #IronHorseMusicHall @rachaelyamagata @pigeonsplaying @darlingside @JuneandtheBee @LuxDeluxeband @atcmusic http://t.co
RT @GeoLenk: Rachael Yamagata to play Iron Horse in Northampton | @iheg @rachaelyamagata http://t.co/6hz4LrskFM
@arms_oftheflo88 love u girl!! Xox
Oh look it's Sunday afternoon. Hehehehe
New Album update: studio no mas saxophone what? http://t.co/paEyo7JysW @PledgeMusic #rock
In her fall color chair http://t.co/4asnrbhRfm
RT @EntScoop: Don't miss @rachaelyamagata on her upcoming tour with @doveandwolf... http://t.co/z7KM0xyr5H http://t.co/mLldJ8x3DM
Thank u http://t.co/Gydpf7zJEv!! Honestly the coolest lights I've ever used. Mesmerizing every night. Lights up the woods! 3 D amazing. Xoxo
RT @ARTISTdirect: Dates: @RachaelYamagata is touring, and get in on her @PledgeMusic campaign! http://t.co/UFt1HsR1g2
I'm tailgating at a mall right now. Without the friends, alcohol or food. #woodslife
RT @sorstu_ca: Tentez de gagner une paire de billets pour @rachaelyamagata au Ritz P.D.B à Montréal ! Détails : http://t.co/0zvvdPSikT
RT @IWMag: IWNews Week In Review @Metallica @Ace_Frehley @chickenfootjoe @MrDannyBland @MrGregDulli @rachaelyamagata http://t.co/71A6a4pANw
I split with Leonardo Dicaprio to go out with Don Johnson. Last night. In my dream.
@RooBurnz spring I think!! Xoxox
RT @TixieSeattle: WIN TIX for @rachaelyamagata at @thecrocodile: ENTER HERE --> http://t.co/7LjK6q5klF #sea http://t.co/qwn5TrRAbR
New Album update: colony cafe dress rehearsal details 9/29 http://t.co/V0csjpYSql @PledgeMusic #rock
Don't You Forget About These: New Compilation Salutes the 'Second British Invasion' http://t.co/VNbmrzJItN via @HuffPostEnt
How to pack for 7 weeks in one suitcase...it begins again...
RT @MiniForklift: @rachaelyamagata You seem to have gained another couple of kiwi fans today... http://t.co/5gRxDnxu5b
First show of the tour in 9 days! Rachael Yamagata @ironhorsemusichall 10/2/2014 7:00 PM http://t.co/6QBbf8BgFN
RT @IWMag: @rachaelyamagata @PledgeMusic Fund New Album Close to Goal @RealLindaPerry Artist Hemming Added To Tour @BBGUNPRESS http://t.co/
New update of goofy meets zen. http://t.co/W8ywP32fNW
New Album update: how do musician's relax?/ downtime... http://t.co/Gih04hSpYi @PledgeMusic #rock
incredible artist launched her pledge campaign - she is one of my heroes: http://t.co/Ptl8rPwMas
RT @RealLindaPerry: I'm super excited for @hemmingmusic to be opening up for @rachaelyamagata tour. Go get your tickets now it's gonna be g…
Thank u for all the SCHWEET bday messages!! Xoxoxox
RT @vanhappenings: #VANHAPS #CONCERT UPDATE: @doveandwolf and #Hemming added as guests to the Oct. 21 @rachaelyamagata show http://t.co/2HN
Saying goodbye to living room and hello to rehearsal space http://t.co/oNzcL6TLXU
RT @LindaPerryProj: Did you LOVE @CanMartello AKA @hemmingmusic on The #LindaPerry Project? Catch her on tour w/ @rachaelyamagata! http://t…
@TheKnotBads @WoodstockComedy congrats on a fantastic night and weekend!
@RealLindaPerry @hemmingmusic pleasure is all mine!! Love u both! We're gonna tear it up as sister road dogs! Thank uuu!!!! Xoxox
RT @RealLindaPerry: Pre Order @rachaelyamagata http://t.co/KJU0VzErcS Im ordering mine now
RT @BTS_twt: Rachael Yamagata-Duet 오랜만에 나의 노래 리스트 추천v http://t.co/HRvjwlRqlE
@hiiamcody awesome!!! Thank u! Xoxo
RT @hemmingmusic: I'll be joining @rachaelyamagata on her 2014 tour! Find dates + tickets here: http://t.co/6MJ8FjtLQh http://t.co/9uef2cTH
New Album update: we be jamming http://t.co/4iSxrMeh3E @PledgeMusic #rock
RT @tamarablue: Las tardes de lluvia son perfectas con té y @rachaelyamagata
@flashingcursor xoxox thank u!! Xoxo
RT @MusicGeekSvcs: .@RachaelYamagata: New Album on @PledgeMusic http://t.co/7HLhiRy4XI << Have this feeling it'll top 1, 000 pledgers soon. …
“@hemmingmusic: can't wait thanks so much!!” We Can't wait girl!! Welcome to the pack!! Love Ry and @doveandwolf xox
“@pennynelly: saw your show 2 yrs ago at carrboro and now im seeing u at lincoln hall, where i intern! ISN'T THAT SO COOL??” LOVE THAT! Xo
omg @doveandwolf you guys are the best students ever!!! get ready for 10 more new songs to sing on. HA! Get on the plane!!!
RT @doveandwolf: hey @rachaelyamagata do you want to be our sidedish friend? ❤️❤️ #rehearsingfortour http://t.co/sNbAs34hDJ
http://t.co/Tv7xL5UASs New behind the scenes update from Applehead studios. Seriousness, creepiness, laughter, music and goats. xo r
Hemming Joins our TOUR!!! http://t.co/rvYNSTn2tB
Just finished new pledge update. Posting later today. Too much fun. This one has goats...http://t.co/2QjExHKevH
RT @NOWOWmagazine: #jukebox : interview avec @doveandwolf avant leur tournée américaine en première partie de @rachaelyamagata http://t.co/
If only I didn't love flats so much. The notes, not the shoes. Practicing practicing practicing new songs.. TOUR!!!! Xox
RT @greenlandprod: Support added for @rachaelyamagata Oct. 4th at Bar le "Ritz" P.D.B - The Dove and The Wolf + Hemming - http://t.co/ITOp6
RT @DeliRadio: This Fall @rachaelyamagata travels across N. America, find out where: http://t.co/GRrV2xg8Ey
Taking a mental health day from myself.
@ZachDjanikian doin his awesome schtuff http://t.co/u5YBQgiHgF
dress rehearsal hooha 2 weeks from today up in woodstock!! find out how to join us here: http://t.co/2QjExHKevH
@soyawn @taraeunjung1212 was totally dancing to the video this morning! Xox
“@soyawn: @rachaelyamagata one of the T-ARA girls is a huge fan you! @taraeunjung1212” awesome!!! Love love! Xox
Albert the studio cat. Meow. http://t.co/nmH4x93qD2
Musicians. Loving them. Surrounded by crazy talent...heart full.
RT @AliciaAtout: Giveaway: Win tickets to see singer-songwriter @rachaelyamagata at @adelaidehallTO in #Toronto (c/o @LiveNationON) - http:…
inspired tracking yesterday! thank U to all who are following the pledge updates! having too much fun with iMovie..http://t.co/2QjExHKevH
Studio set up day. Have already had interaction w a goat.
@jessymckee u r a gem. Kisses to u from the woods. Xoxoxx
RT @jessymckee: @rachaelyamagata in my latest post! Thanks for being an inspiration all these years. http://t.co/OsBayyiBRo Thanks for the …
Woke last night to stray cat wailing and running round woods chased by sthin. Tried intervening. Animal departed in laughter at my outfit.
RT @sandersbohlke: Go support this! New @rachaelyamagata album in the works. It's gonna be beautiful. http://t.co/PyQwxzt8Fw
@dreamergirl41 u too sweets! Xox
Getting myself sorted after a few days recording and rehearsing! Dishes, budgets, may even water some angry plants.
RT @PledgeMusic: The @PledgeMusic family grew last week, adding names like @rachaelyamagata, @TimWheeler1977 and tons more! http://t.co/VWm
Awake awake awake...wanna sleep sleep sleep. Can't can't can't.
Happy @AdrienReju bday hike! http://t.co/jb6G7QX1cM
RT @NUMBERSIX_LOVE: Oh! @rachaelyamagata RT @Koreaboo: Rachel Yamagata congratulates MC Sniper on his new album — http://t.co/2EYp1lGjDi ht…
RT @mxdwn: .@rachaelyamagata Announces Fall 2014 Tour Dates http://t.co/05k8L0amac
@RHLevitin thanks sweets!! Xox
RT @MyHeart: The extraordinary @rachaelyamagata has launched her new Pledge campaign...get in there, folks -- she's the real deal! http://t…
Sometimes jack just can't get any alone time http://t.co/snOVqXx1xl
Congrats to my FAV @mcsniper99 on ur new album #B-Kite1. I know all will love it! U R so soulful and talented! Honored to know u xoxox r
Love love love u.
RT @PledgeMusic: One serious newsletter feat: @Freaks4Live, @rachaelyamagata, @Bob_Schneider, @angiemiller & more... We don't sleep! http:/…
vip tix and more covers ep incentives getting added and up in 7 min at 3:30pm xox http://t.co/6904g9eQ4a
in home stttuuuuudddio today working on a song!!! taking footage to show soon… http://t.co/2QjExHKevH
RT @KevinDevineTwit: My friend & once-bandleader @rachaelyamagata just launched a Pledge campaign that is well worth your attn. Check it: h…
RT @austinRwilson: So freaking excited about the new album from @rachaelyamagata http://t.co/FniAaqmkb7 - Acoustic 'Happenstance' album ava…
My Pledge campaign is up and running sweets!!! wanna see behind the scenes!?xoxox http://t.co/2QjExHKevH
I may or may not be staring at cake and wondering if it will pass for dinner..
http://t.co/piwfGfL72k if you wanna know what i'm launching at noon today, sign up for first dibs! xoxo r
I'm losing my mind today - anybody else?
Launching something fun and cray cray this week! Sign up to the mailing list to get first notice!! Xoxoxo. http://t.co/A5at4OZTh6
RT @biltmorecabaret: .@livenationwest Presents @rachaelyamagata with guests October 21! http://t.co/w1dDL0txOb
Living in woods while being slightly Obsessive compulsive and deciding to clean up the fallen branches.... Random battles I fight w myself
Lots of this goin on today http://t.co/TSPrj8NFLK
RT @Atrittz: On the way, @rachaelyamagata at The Bowery Ballroom on 11/17/14: http://t.co/uh20oBWHob
RT @SagesScientists: #FF Music we love @rachaelyamagata @mozellamusic @carybrothers @RyanStar @freedomfrymusic @ChldActr @Sia @Emilykingmus…
join the journey next week... http://t.co/XloBYAj4Fz
@OfficiallyRach you got it girl!! Have to get back definitely!!! Working on it I promise. Xoxo
“@JamieFord: @KevinMLaCombe @rachaelyamagata We're actually THE SAME PERSON. And these Spanx are killing me.”hahahahaahha
“@Lorstar99: @rachaelyamagata I love you, please come to Mexico. :)” maybe I'll get back to @HotelElGanzo in Los Cabos! Rad venue! Xox
Morning karate workout followed by staring at hummingbird. Balancing it out..
RT @doveandwolf: learning our parts for @rachaelyamagata happenstance anniversary shows 😘 http://t.co/NDGT8wrEkU
RT @Andrew3858: I might go to @rachaelyamagata at Visulite Theatre in Charlotte, NC - Nov 7 http://t.co/5vr15pPzcG
RT @TWLOHA: World Suicide Prevention Day is Sept 10. Thank you for helping us tell people they matter. http://t.co/FItMPZnfYp http://t.co/p
RT @halliwellmusta: weee!!! @rachaelyamagata is coming to Madison Oct. 11th at the High Noon Saloon!! Same place I saw @andrewbelle ... S…
RT @raquelaberakiki: every time i listen to #Duet by @rachaelyamagata feat. @RayLaMontagne, i get all teary eyed. @rjkoningmusic you should…
RT @jamesrbeach: @rachaelyamagata I just found out that you will be in Charlotte in November. Cannot wait to see you! Been a fan since th…
Tracking at home in the land of bullfrogs and crickets is like a human in vampire world. Everything kinda halts at sundown...
I prefer to hang laundry in the rain. I really seem to that is... Literally and figuratively livin out here in da woods...
RT @joshruben: Please vote for Vin and I to speak on our brand new panel at @sxsw! http://t.co/YsyM77MRBB
yo @madidiaz @AdrienReju @joshruben You're Up! Thanks @MelkePR ;) xoxox #ALSIceBucketChallenge https://t.co/pGCztWsdgv
I have predictions of an icy cold night
“@MelkePR: Buncha slackers! NOBODY took the challenge! @@ @rachaelyamagata aw shite! Was off media this wkend and missed this! Stay tuned...
CHECK OUT MADI DIAZ. @madidiaz girl! I LOVE your new video!!! Declaring u queen of cool. http://t.co/hCQJLCjWup. Xoxox r
RT @kler4866: Just bought tickets to see @rachaelyamagata again but this time in Portland #happenstance #love #findawaytoseeyouagain
@2010mikester44 happy birthday to uuuuuuuu!! Xoxox
@revengepsycho u just did sweets. Thank u. Xoxoxox
RT @billboard: Listen to the exclusive premiere of @DanieliaCotton ft. @rachaelyamagata's "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)" here: http://t.…
RT @SagesScientists: "Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive." --Dalai Lama
Sadness sadness sadness...heartbreak for Robin Williams...
RT @TheEllenShow: I can’t believe the news about Robin Williams. He gave so much to so many people. I’m heartbroken.
Taking a day off from music by weed whacking and stick piling. #woodslife also wondering how I'll explain that as my relaxation of choice
My idea of romantic? Shark week. You had me at first bite. #SharkWeek
@lou_isthewolf ..... Lou Lou!
RT @SteveEarle: Marianne Faithfull: Give My Love To London trailer http://t.co/abuCCUhCZJ
World cat day. Who knew? http://t.co/6W7z3aMcIt
FALL TOUR DATES!!! http://t.co/VEVrxtrvF5 XOXOX
RT @pikudollie: @DeepakChopra http://t.co/QOnJNf7I3e
Today's office... http://t.co/FrfWIl4iqn
today i'm gonna play with a tape machine. mmmm. tape….
@asifitsreal @rthey2gay as long as I get to eat the poutine I'm in! Xox
Bear sighting while listening back to new demo. Animal influence right on track w new songs... http://t.co/P02enOgpmT
@nmbgmC13 xoxox
Listening to @doveandwolf learn happenstance harmonies. It is endlessly entertaining - especially when they add interpretive dance...
RT @biltmorecabaret: .@livenationwest Presents @rachaelyamagata with guests October 21! http://t.co/w1dDL0LH2j
RT @AdrienReju: @RachaelYamagata New album plans from @AdrienReju! Preorder you copy and more here: http://t.co/kjn521aMoY
Ladies at work! @doveandwolf @AdrienReju
@doveandwolf @AdrienReju working hard this morning. Behind the scenes biz part of all the music making... http://t.co/mwXgKWfLmf
At urgent care w @doveandwolf getting the wolf repaired post bike accident. She's fine, not broken... First day of tracking on target..
RT @doveandwolf: on our way to woodstock to work on @rachaelyamagata's new songs! so exciting!!
Free Daily Music Marketing Newsletter from @BerkleeOnline Instructor @MusicGeekSvcs - Sign Up: http://t.co/4CwIVijCBW. FAB for music biz!!
@MusicGeekSvcs what's ur link to THE COYLE REPORT? Really enjoying your informative newsletters!!!
3 days of serious Happenstance rehearsal done! @doveandwolf coming today. Woot woot for new song schtuff. Want em to sing in French on one;)
Drum case envy http://t.co/X2HahP1bRb
The cat that goes with everything http://t.co/E3LHwPzSb4
Practicing 1963 and I Want You... Holy time machine!
@tomfreund just played a killer set!! Genius. Need his new record now.
RT @Hannahsfight1: @rachaelyamagata Funds R Urgently Needed 4 Baby Hannah She Is Fighting C.A.H/2 Life Threatening Diseases Pls Give&RT ht…
Late nights w my honey http://t.co/HzsGSe7A2m
Happenstance rehearsal starts this wk while refining new songs simultaneously. Got beautiful mind esque charts on walls to keep straight!
RT @tomfreund: This trains a heading to #NewYork ok flyin'! Thursday #TwoMoons album release @RockwoodNYC @7:30 come… http://t.co/0Oh5mOiI
RT @ActualWolf: Exciting News! My friends from France @doveandwolf will be supporting @rachaelyamagata on her fall tour: http://t.co/m06Sb
@DuaneSampson @taxi2venus yes!!! Someday somehow l will!! Xoxxo
RT @DuaneSampson: Thanks @katharyn_jaftha for my @rachaelyamagata cd all the way from S. Korea. Now, am I the on fan in South Africa? http:…
Mating two songs into one new one and it's getting stranger by the minute...
Watching @RealLindaPerry @LindaPerryProj right now. Bold brash open awesomeness.
Twilight.The Notebook.Titanic.Maid In Manhattan. All on right now. Rocky.Madmax.Aliens - next lineup. Saturday cable trying to defeat me.
Last night's bear prints on my porch. I was tracking a new demo while he tracked me? #woodslife http://t.co/hH0ZraC0aZ
Fugettabout it. http://t.co/GneU3y4vuU
I may or may not be staring at a cake I just frosted yelling at myself to move awaaaaayyy
Craving the super power of checking everything off your to do list each day. Or the one that makes it no big deal if u don't.
Had a great time w @rhettmiller at the colony cafe last night!! Thank u WDST and all who came out. Such a lovely night for us!! Xo
@MelkePR miss u chica!!! See u in l.a.!! Xoxox
Playing show w @rhettmiller tonight at colony cafe in woodstock NY. 9pm start sharp. Doors 8:30. Date night!!! Xox
http://t.co/04fM1jxWkE check this out. beautiful writing by @JoshRadnor he weaves ideas into prose the way i aspire to write songs..
RT @carmelholt: @rhettmiller @rachaelyamagata see you two cuties tomorrow night! hometown hang. yahoo! xo
RT @Feferang: When you focus your intent, you are mindful about what you want to bring into your life.
RT @LateCambrian: Late Cambrian New Album: Pledge before July 15 and get a Super Secret, Super Cool Bonus Reward! http://t.co/gbM6CQY3F4 @r…
Rehearsing for fri night show up in da woods. How does a hermit react to a crowd after so many months in seclusion? And being out on a fri..
When u write a new song called 'over' and then u realize u've already written a song 'over and over'. Yeah. #themesrus #branchoutgethappy
Can't we all just start on a Tuesday?
“@MicheleinPhilly: @rachaelyamagata My wife and I are celebrating 10 yrs together next week. This is our song. See you in Nov.! :-)”xoxoxoxo
The rain is like an orchestra to me/ little gifts from above meant to say...
Never underestimate the quality of a $50 mic....
“@KevinDevineTwit: @rachaelyamagata it's apparently true. Also, hiiiii” hi stranger!! Come visit. It's devine up here! Ha heh hee hee ...xo
Happy birthday to my Brotha!!!!@joshruben u r the bestest of best. Love u!!!!
My brother. So handsome.. At least when I can recognize him...@joshruben http://t.co/1r0RBfDaLl
RT @LondonCaraway: @rachaelyamagata Saw you in Vancouver a year or 2 ago after listening to you for years. Excited you're coming back @bilt…
RT @MusicGeekSvcs: Online Music Marketing @Berklee Online - JUN-30 http://t.co/pDgYpwZ1I8 << Learn from the guy who taught @rachaelyamagata…
“@joshhoke: @rachaelyamagata is my new music crush...girl sang so purty she do!” Kisses. Wink. Bat eyelashes. Xo
Sometimes u get caught in the back of a semi when the door jams. Highlight of my day so far. #couldntmakethisupifitried
RT @BitchyGayGuy: Coworker:"What is that??" Me:"Even So by @rachaelyamagata -Sounds like she's trying to seduce you -Maybe she is! -That'd …
Up at 4:30am again. Hermits live!
“@LinBrehmer: Coming up: a @rachaelyamagata tune and soon after that new @TheShins http://t.co/Sn7oWTIbg1xoxoxooxxo
RT @thecinechick: New cities for LUCKY THEM! PHILLY, SEDONA, NEW ORLEANS, SANTA FE & INDIANAPOLIS this weekend! Let your peeps know! http:/…
RT @MMALYA: @rachaelyamagata Not bad, huh? love this song! xx (: http://t.co/eVrnLZoXzY awesome!! Xox” Thanks for them !
RT @PropertyBrother: RT if your excited for new episodes of #PropertyBrothers back on @hgtv with @MrDrewScott @MrSilverScott tomorrow! http…
@BWright984 oct 18th @thestateroom SLC!! We come about once a yr - join us! ;). http://t.co/cKPm8aWoV2
i think i'm going to invent garlic perfume.
@doveandwolf serious about u both singing on EVERY song on the fall tour. I'm writing 3 part harmonies just for u. A dove, wolf and a yam.
RT @Section101Tweet: Don't wiat, get your tickets for @rachaelyamagata's Fall Tour TODAY! http://t.co/LrDWjkRpeS
After a crazy Friday night spent organizing my closet I've moved onto sat morn yoga post writing a country song. #woodslife
Jalapeño pickles. Sold.
RT @originmagazine: "I practice, I walk for many, many blocks, I wear a coat a little too light for the temperature. I stay at home."~@Offici…
RT @modernhuge: Just bought tickets to the 10 year anniversary show for @rachaelyamagata's Happenstance. https://t.co/u72bg5cAtH cc: @taraf…
“@andreaajadee: @rachaelyamagata just bought my tickets for your show in van at the biltmore cabaret, beyond excited:)” right on sweets! Xo
“@ixDiego: @rachaelyamagata when are you coming back to Austin?” Nov 2 at the Parish! http://t.co/kVziYmud5Q xox
Chicago! @Schubas now SOLD OUT. Grab ur tix for @LincolnHall on 10/10/14 to catch our fall tour ;). Xoxoxo
New show added at the colony cafe in woodstock ny July 11th! Me and Rhett Miller teaming up. Come for a wkend in the woods! Xox
Jul 11, 2014 Rachael Yamagata at Colony Cafe... http://t.co/ghekZnfqR3
Loved #LUCKYTHEM What a moving and charming and lovely film. Congrats to the beautiful cast and crew. Emily Wachtel, Toni Colette etc!! xoxo
At the 'LUCKY THEM' movie premiere in CT. So excited to see this film!! 'Way it seems to go' in ending credits. Now that's fun too. ;)
Got thru an entire Greek salad without spilling on my silk dress. And then that sip of ice tea....standin in the wind...#ididntpeemyself
50 shades of grey. #becauseimcrazythatswhy http://t.co/PJVleY0XLO
Writing a new song on my porch while gunshots keep going off in the woods. U can bet I'm dissecting the significance...
Flu. Endless flu. Fluendless.
@UnionTransfer on 11/15 tix for philly still available. @BootAndSaddle show now Sold OUT. Xo
RT @UnionTransfer: The @RachaelYamagata show at @BootAndSaddle on 11/14 is SOLD OUT! Catch here here on 11/5! GET TIX - http://t.co/f6Q67K
“@CurtisHendricks: @rachaelyamagata hot chocolate puddin' & a shot of decent bourbon. Trust me!” Now that sounds heavenly ;)
Beautiful day/ terrible cold. Rolling w it and sounding like a man (more so than usual)..
@MSURadio_WMSV xoxoxox
RT @ALcomBirmingham: Coming to WorkPlay in #Birmingham: Paul Thorn (@pimpspreachers), @rachaelyamagata, @donnathebuffalo, @jackopierce http…
Nuthin like a mosquito bite on your face to start the day off right.
I.. I have made... I have made guacamole! (Beats chest, coughs). #thelittlethings
@sevans1234 so sorry the show isn't all ages!! Try to do those as much as possible. I'm pretty sad that I'm not 21 either ;) xoxoxoxox
Sometimes when we touch the honesty's too much. Ur welcome.
RT @ajhedrich: I judge the progress of my mending heart by how long I can listen to @rachaelyamagata in one sitting. Today's high score is …
Starting to see potential themes of new album forming as I keep writing. Such a process of trust....don't worry - none are about my cats ;)
RT @DanieliaCotton: Click here to see 'The Real Book' tracklisting with features from @rachaelyamagata, @AmyHelmMusic, and @tracy_bonham: h…
RT @xokittiexo: .@rachaelyamagata Just watched #LuckyThem & felt like the coolest kid in the room when I instantly recognized your song in…
RT @joshruben: Because Mom, Rachael, Tina, Rae Anne, Phoebe, my Nieces and every woman I know. #YesAllWomen http://t.co/u4dkRvICHo
Fun times in San Fran!! Back @indysf the independent for a proper hang on oct 25th. Woot woot!
At city hall witnessing about 17 weddings. Wondering if I'm like a black cat at Halloween or if everything's cool...
Sometimes standing in line at Starbucks in the morning reminds me of the jetsons.. Fueling up. Now where's my flying car?
“@colettecello: @rachaelyamagata aw! You're here!! (I miss you!)” miss u back!! What u doin in these parts? Xo
“@GhostOnTheShore: @rachaelyamagata aww so happy for you!! Congratulations!!” Oh - cuz meaning cousin. Not me getting married. Heh. Heh hehe
Beautiful San Fran!! Left my heart here once. Seriously - a little silver heart fell in a monitor.. Cuz gettin married tomorrow!!
Late night dishes. Whatevs.
morning with emails while listening to @leviweaver new record again. so stunning #yourghostkeepsfindingme see him http://t.co/2qdokaeujq
RT @MWTM_Seminars: Proud to announce the return of JOE CHICCARELLI @artfitpro for @MWTM_Seminars at @StudiosLaFabriq : NOV 1 - 7, 2014 ! ht…
“@kirstin_taylor: Needing some @rachaelyamagata in this AM. Oof.” Uh oh!! Hang tough hot stuff. Xoxoxo
Totally having a big chill weekend without the whole I'll have ur baby part...
RT @annarborark: 9) Rachael Yamagata Tuesday, October 7, 2014, 8:00pm Tickets: $15 @rachaelyamagata
RT @MusicGeekSvcs: Nothing could be finer than @chriseberlein & I getting to geek out about @rachaelyamagata & widgets in @BerkleeOnline Mu…
October 18, 2014 Rachael Yamagata at The State Room... http://t.co/t2muRiocXF
October 17, 2014 Rachael Yamagata at Bluebird Theater... http://t.co/iEgd0W2ylR
October 15, 2014 Rachael Yamagata at Granada Theatre... http://t.co/hi4a3xA2Ti
@BitchyGayGuy I'm not über great on piano, but I'm a friggin great typist too! Use what we gots.. Xoxox
“@RHLevitin: I've listened to 'Happenstance' four times through now today. THANKS GIRL!! Hope u can make one of the happ aniv tour shows!xo
RT @DanWilsonMusic: "Even the Stars Are Sleeping" is one of my favorite songs of mine. I wrote it with @rachaelyamagata. http://t.co/OxHxhh
RT @IHEG: @rachaelyamagata kicks off her Fall Tour at the Iron Horse on October 2nd at 7pm. Tickets are on-sale now: http://t.co/m3nlwtbXwY
Writing piano into bass into guitar...searching for the right feel. Oh and I just ate a rugalah. Monday.
“@Bluenose56: @rachaelyamagata Wow, that's way way too many tweets!” I know. I basically threw up on twitter today ;( Just excited! Xoxo
“@TheDuncanSheik: has anyone ever made human cheese?” I've toyed with song cheese...made by a human
RT @adelaidehallTO: Just Announced: @LiveNationON presents @rachaelyamagata, Oct 6th. Tickets on sale now! http://t.co/1JHfrMFXta http://t.…
November 01, 2014 Rachael Yamagata at Sons of Hermann Hall... http://t.co/t7cmN0p0z6
November 05, 2014 Rachael Yamagata at 3rd & Lindsley Theater... http://t.co/BjXsD658iy
October 25, 2014 Rachael Yamagata at The Independent... http://t.co/tnwzklYr54
October 27, 2014 Rachael Yamagata at Troubadour... http://t.co/VqLlXucszr
ON SALE NOW : L.A. on 10/27 @theTroubadour // SAN FRAN on 10/25 @indysf // Nashville 11/5 @3rdandLindsley // Dallas 11/1 @SonsOfHermann
RT @greenlandprod: En vente : @UsTheDuo à la Sala Rossa, 16 juil + @rachaelyamagata au @il_motore, 4 oct. Billets - http://t.co/oyVFD8ndgJ
RT @HOBSanDiego: Tickets are now on sale for @RachaelYamagata on Oct 29th! Get yours today at http://t.co/qr5WPC3Znm http://t.co/ngDN1vNMFb
RT @BrettAMarlow: Yes, yes, YES! #Happenstance from START to FINISH @Schubas w/ @rachaelyamagata, @baggedy_andy + @molly_lynch + @blahmesom…
October 24, 2014 Rachael Yamagata at Doug Fir Lounge... http://t.co/mWfKn00yJj
October 23, 2014 Rachael Yamagata at *** Doug Fir Lounge ***... http://t.co/6frBxLEuaO
October 09, 2014 Rachael Yamagata at *** Schubas Tavern ****... http://t.co/dJZGyrGMaj
and SOme More FAVS!!! - 10/9 @Schubas Happenstance show!// Portland 10/23 @DougFirLounge Happenstance show! and 10/24 new record show!!
October 10, 2014 Rachael Yamagata at Lincoln Hall... http://t.co/QY6Kwlojsj
October 29, 2014 Rachael Yamagata at House of Blues... http://t.co/DuJ9TciA7m
October 21, 2014 Rachael Yamagata at BILTMORE CABARET... http://t.co/IhRQ8QokPp
October 20, 2014 Rachael Yamagata at The Crocodile... http://t.co/JV6G9OBsUG
MORE TIX UP on Sale NOW!: 10.10 CHI @LincolnHall // 10.20 seattle @thecrocodile // 10.21 vancouver @biltmorecabaret/ 10.29 @HOBSanDiego
October 06, 2014 Rachael Yamagata at Adelaide Hall... http://t.co/xHB6BFFnz1
November 15, 2014 Rachael Yamagata at Union Transfer... http://t.co/DaJqULrIAS
November 18, 2014 Rachael Yamagata at *** Music Hall of Williamsburg ***... http://t.co/8lPynKSJDd
November 17, 2014 Rachael Yamagata at Bowery Ballroom... http://t.co/t6LvyIAwvn
November 11, 2014 Rachael Yamagata at *** Birchmere ***... http://t.co/iFSWMpo8Gk
October 04, 2014 Rachael Yamagata at Il Motore... http://t.co/cSs9rgwcUt
October 03, 2014 Rachael Yamagata at Brighton Music Hall... http://t.co/ls4a9w5huo
RT @LiveNationON: Don't miss @rachaelyamagata @adelaidehallTO Hall on Oct 6! Tix just went onsale-->http://t.co/H3cuNBOdko
Now on sale: Boston @Brighton_Music / Montreal @il_motore/ VA @thebirchmere / NYC @boweryballroom NYC @MusicHallofWB /phily @UnionTransfer
November 14, 2014 Rachael Yamagata at *** Boot & Saddle ***... http://t.co/3HHvPYsYOf
RT @BootAndSaddle: ON SALE at NOON! See @rachaelyamagata perform #HAPPENSTANCE in it's entirety on 11/14! *LTD CAPACITY* GET TIX quick: htt…
RT @UnionTransfer: ON SALE AT NOON! piano virtuoso/singer-songwriter extraordinaire @rachaelyamagata is back on 11/15! GET TIX here: http:/…
MORE Tix just on sale for my fall tour @HighNoonMadison @VarsityTheater @WorkPlayBham and Austin's The Parish
RT @PhillySoundsLke: Get @rachaelyamagata tix @BootAndSaddle Nov. 14th. Catch her a day before UnionTransfer show. On sale at noon. http://…
November 08, 2014 Rachael Yamagata at Cat's Cradle - Back Room... http://t.co/7PqNbC1YgW
RT @CatsCradleNC: Tix for @rachaelyamagata at The Back Room on 11/8 are on sale now. http://t.co/oAJU0FrHs2
November 10, 2014 Rachael Yamagata at Rams Head On Stage... http://t.co/DNF8hKmmkW
November 05, 2014 Rachael Yamagata at 3rd & Lindsley Theater... http://t.co/BjXsD658iy
October 02, 2014 Rachael Yamagata at Iron Horse Music Hall... http://t.co/A32XwFRBh9
RT @HOBSanDiego: Presale tickets are now available for @RachaelYamagata on Oct 29th! Use the password PREMIER: http://t.co/OCRAQVupnC http:…
Trying to get to Europe and Australia too I promise!! Keep spreading the word and we'll make it!! Been too too long. Xoxoxox
Big on sale day for my fall tour with @doveandwolf tomorrow. Get presale w password 'sneaky'...www.rachaelyamagata.com/tour
“@joshuaccheung: Just bought tix to see the always awesome @rachaelyamagata on 10/6 at Adelaide Hall in Toronto #fb” SCHWEET!
RT @vanhappenings: #RACHAELYAMAGATA REMINDER: tix for the Oct. 21 @rachaelyamagata show at the @biltmorecabaret on sale tomorrow http://t.c
I'm just a girl who likes my leaf blower that's all. (I sing west side story and pretend I'm sigourney weaver). Whatevs.
RT @EventsColorado: New #Coloradoconcerts @hauntedchimes @warondrugsjams @rachaelyamagata @TPROfficial Neurosis @SubRosaSLC @Kodaline http…
RT @ss_ibe: “@Brighton_Music: NEW SHOW: @rachaelyamagata on Friday, October 3rd! Get tickets this Friday at noon at http://t.co/CR5uVRJ711
RT @livenationwest: Live Nation presale is on NOW for @rachaelyamagata at the @biltmorecabaret on October 21 . Password: premier http://t.c
Check out @leviweaver new record - just came out yesterday and it's gorgeous! Sang on the last track with him. Loved how it came out! Xox
RT @stephengause: Track 12 "The Widow's Song/The Widower's Song" is a duet w/ @leviweaver & the lovely @rachaelyamagata. So amazing it undi…
RT @Section101Tweet: Don't wiat, get your tickets for @rachaelyamagata's Fall Tour TODAY! http://t.co/LrDWjkRpeS
Ah the sweet sound of swamp frog chirp.
Sweets!! Thanks for all the love bout upcoming tour!!! Grab presale where u can. Pswd: sneaky. Happenstance shows listed true on my site! Xo
RT @LincolnHall: That was fast! The @rachaelyamagata presale has sold out. Check back on Friday at noon when the remaining tickets go on sa…
PRESALE password: sneaky Tour dates up on the site! New record tour AND 6 Happenstance Anniv Shows (FULL RECORD)! http://t.co/qJJV2C2BVT
Listening to jazz, drinking white wine and making pasta. Pretentious little..thankfully I nearly cut off my thumb w cuticle scissors.
Big ole tour on the way... Mailer w info going out this week!!! Xoxo
Just a bunch of fluff http://t.co/iRpe9SV0UI
Tonight I baked a bunch of chicken for some friends and everyone is still alive. This is a good sign.
@celticbalance love u miss u!!!
@stillfeelinblue across the pacific!
Friday night. Solo. Rain. Cocktail. Have just finished a new song. And it begins...
RT @ClothesH: @rachaelyamagata 'thats the way it seems to go' I LOVE IT! I take a walk in the rain or a drive in the dark, only when everyo…
Little nappers. http://t.co/uYXTOAr12s
vince papale.
@AdrienReju at @BearsvilTheater tonight!!
Snake egg? And why are you on the porch? http://t.co/TIFMKC9sOZ
check out the vid my bro and Vinnie just wrote and directed for 'save the children'...https://t.co/lfb6D0B0n3 http://t.co/QEAJgqdfbk
RT @evadl: @leviweaver & @rachaelyamagata ‘Widow's Song - Widower's Song https://t.co/J0OYDELrgc #heartbreakinglybeautiful
“@JNFletcha: @rachaelyamagata So, what became of the 1 snake and 2 salamanders?” Safe and sound back under leaves...;).
Turns out I'm really good at yard work. One snake, 2 salamanders..done and done.
Fun times last night in the big apple. Today - play date with a lawnmower.
@HousingWorksBks tonight!! Here and getting ready for a few songs. 7pm for launch of Stacey D'erasmo's book 'wonderland'!!! Free show. Xox
RT @tarynrebecca: Join #StaceyD'Erasmo @HousingWorks tonight! @ElissaSchappell & @rachaelyamagata will join to launch #Wonderland http://t.…
“@LateCambrian: Late Cambrian PEACH at HMV listening station in Singapore! http://t.co/oToXwex72C SCHWEET!!
RT @somevelvetblog: i believe in love.
Just finished. What a great novel. So many things rang true... http://t.co/nKVqjT708G
“@aherczeg: Love @rachaelyamagata and her email newsletters. Feels like we're long lost best friends. thx for reading it sista!! Xox
waking up listening to an early copy of @leviweaver 's new record 'Your Ghost Keeps Finding Me'… loving it…nicely done sweets.. xoxox
May 06, 2014 Rachael Yamagata at Housingworks Bookstore Cafe... http://t.co/LlixPwucaO
“@jordanbrooke9: @rachaelyamagata just discovered a tiny waterfall on mine. My joy was exorbitantly high. :)”waterfallicious!!!
Sometimes u discover a giant pond swamp on your property...#woodslife
Morning little guy... http://t.co/wSyAUfpYSR
Finally upgraded phone and will be able to more fully extend myself. http://t.co/CYJkvkusuD
Wondering if I dig a koi pond would I be laying out appetizers for the bears around here...
Today I give up anxiety. Phew.
@colonycafe. Oops!! Wrong one - the ny one xox
@arciris @simistone and burnell pines tore it up tonight @colonycafe!! Xoxoxo
@KarlaBatarse_ thanks girl!!! Xoxxo
Cheese in wineglass. Wine on walls. Balloon monster centerpiece. Awesome bday party for @phanlon23 - priceless!
@PhizLair @madidiaz PHAIRDIAGATA and the Mad Yams...
Or in the woods. Right on @PhizLair XoXo @casericey @yamahaentertain http://t.co/dvupGQvFOh
Meatballs in the crockpot yo. #reallife #failedsonglyric
RT @mitacarriman: #morningjava: Steve Job's 13 most inspiring quotes: http://t.co/Yj1xGudX2x
So I sing 'feed the birds' when I'm feeding the birds. So what. Feeeeeed the birrrrrrdddss. Feeeeeed theeee...and they're like tweet tweet..
RT @lou_isthewolf: #sisters @rachaelyamagata @stillfeelinblue http://t.co/y9kT2Dm5Yq
RT @doveandwolf: we're leaving woodstock with our new record! we love you @rachaelyamagata #aperfectweek #thedoveandthewolf #woodstock #new…
Chocolate bunny...
@doveandwolf singing me to sleep... Seriously, y'all should be so lucky.
“@mikaelaarr: Even after all this time @rachaelyamagata's Happenstance is still my favorite album.. it's pure magic.” xoxoxoox
@CurtisHendricks on my deck looking at NY woods reading this... Xoxoxo
“@enderrr_g: @rachaelyamagata Not bad, huh? love this song! xx (: http://t.co/SZJuRKkiAL awesome!! Xox
It wouldn't be recording unless you almost burn the house down once a day... #bacon #candleonheater #ishouldcomewithawarningmanual
Heart going out to south korea tonight... sending love.......terrible ferry tragedy....
Dove and wolf tearin it up in studio for past few days. Beautiful sounds. Losing track of time and playing w vintage keys of late....
And....it's snowing.
@koreanDeleviner thanks doll! Next time definitely. Xoxo
@BearpitSocial xoxoxooxxo!!!!!
First day in studio working on the dove and the wolf's new release. So excited! They are angelic.
RT @lindiwesuttle: Played guitar warmin voice 2 #WoreMeDown @rachaelyamagata. @AaronComess says '@Jontone & I played on the album' CRAY! ht…
“@House5: @rachaelyamagata Photo please of you in it(; http://t.co/xfF5p4cP08haahaha! I want this.
'today I bought a pink onesie'... Quotes I overhear that make me smile...
“@AdrianEmbarrass: I thought for a moment @rachaelyamagata followed me...disappointed now. I love that bitch, she's rade.” LOVE U Biatch!xo
@BitchyGayGuy xoxoxxox kiss to u!!
“@rightclick5ave: oops, I broke my Twitter promise to @rachaelyamagata...... http://t.co/SJX64UnSRH wow!!! Crazy girl xoxoxox
“@mik_d: @rachaelyamagata when the pain arrives it's less fun...” figured... Waiting for it. Typing w one hannnddd...
Tetanus shots are less scary as an adult - almost kind of cute. Almost.
After tried and true attempts at being pack leader for a particular cat I realize it is not to be...
There's a scratch on my phone screen in the shape of a heart (with a line thru it, but still....)
Just bought my copy of @KatieHerzig new album WALK THROUGH WALLS. Can't wait to listen!! Congrats lady. #greatmusic #awesomegalartist #getit
@ruthfulgrace love u back sweet girlfriend! Xox
Travel day. That girl u see in the airport and think, wow - hasn't she heard of sunscreen tomato face? That would be me.
“@savannahtopie: AAAAAAAHHHH @rachaelyamagata's Quiet on HIMYM!!! One of my favorite songs...” xoxoxo
lobster tan.
Just detangled a goat. #anguillailoveu
My phone is so old it won't let me tweet pics or get onto fb in a timely manner. Losing a lot of cat and woods moments. The heartache ;)
@DanieliaCotton gettin ur tweet on. ;) xoxo
Monday back so soon? Step by step. Take it on! Xoxox
Hey guys - my sweet cuz found a pup that needs help. Please support if u can (see previous tweet). Heart melt indeed. Xoxox
Pup's New Legs, and a Life to Use Them | Pet Expenses - http://t.co/ZHN7o8y2yb: http://t.co/xf36dngMaz
RT @duglewis: It's probably not normal how much I want @rachaelyamagata to write a break-up song about me.
@sheylaibarra lovin u back! Xoxox
2 cat cousins visiting and I find myself saying to all 'make it work' ala Tim gunn.
Rocky marathon only rivaled by jaws marathon...
@savannahtopie xoxoxoxo
RT @derhay: Yay! New music for me from @rachaelyamagata on @noisetrade. From: http://t.co/fUDblTv1BK . Now say, "Yamagata Thursday!" five t…
Sang on daniela cotton's new record last night produced by @kevinsalem. It is epic.
Great to run into u Deborah!! Small world. Xo
“@MeredthSalenger: I was so http://t.co/ZhEEVCpB9K hauntingly stunning. Still are chica. Xox
My right brain is fighting w my left brain.
Having girl night. They're cooking. I'm providing cheese. Thank goodness for gal pals.
@coreyschreppel xoxoxoox
RT @coreyschreppel: Every now & again, @rachaelyamagata's "Happenstance" record grabs my attention & I have to listen to all of it before I…
Beautiful set by @AdrienReju last night at bearsville in woodstock, ny. Check out her may residency! She's a sweet bird that girl.
Bought more plants to kill.
Ah, the gentle morning scene of WHat THe!... SNOW????
It's Friday night and I've just cleaned the *?!%# outta my place. Cheers to all stayin in and makin things cozy.
RT @MrSilverScott: I LOVE this pic RT @EarthPix: Reaction of a baby gorilla and a human baby to the cold stethoscope. http://t.co/Pgc7HN7i9i
@MauiTimeMachine it's the word 'sophisticated' that's throwing me off.. Hardy har har. Miss u guys. Xooxoxxo
“@joshruben: @rachaelyamagata ohh yea my sisters on twitter....... 😳” hehheheh
@joshruben u r insane. And I love u.
“@MotsDeAmour: @rachaelyamagata your freaking music man !! #lovelovelove 👌😍❤️” heheh. Xoxoxo
Jet lag and morning power outage is like a snow day canceling ur big test.
“@KatieHerzig: Our US tour starts in 2 weeks! Got yer tix yet?! http://t.co/62Z3Lz67Gl. SEE HER. SHE IS RAD!!!
@AbsintheVegas 1500!!!! Amazing. Love to u guys!!! Xoxooxox
Working on a cover song today. Surprisingly fuuntastic. #makinghappysongsdark
“@maiderings: Listening to the gorgeous music of @rachaelyamagata while getting ready to start my day in Paris...#bdayjoy #springbreak”xoxox
Happy to report no squirrels were trapped, harmed, or even seen during their eviction from my floorboards. Smart buggers. Leaving u snacks...
RT @TheEllenShow: I just got to meet the wonderful @JoshRadnor. This article he wrote for the LATimes is just the best. http://t.co/VirdBiS
“@oneNonlyJOO: @rachaelyamagata hi ray :) this is jooyoung from seoul. take care and hope to see you again xoxo” me too!!! Xoxox
@Sh_summer777 xoxoxooxxoxox kisses from woodstock!
Home. Xoxoxoxox
My heart is so full of LOVE for Seoul!! Thank you for making every minute a wonderful experience. I will miss u all and see u soon!! Xoxoxox
Another fun night in Seoul! Komsamida 2 all who came to our yonsei sellout! Up now for the 'Innerview' taping. 1 more day. Gonna miss all! X
There's a day here (today) called 'white day' - valentine's day part 2. Forever hosting couples night. That's me.
Oh jet lag... Up since 3 am again... Watching lots of Korean home shopping networks. Really want this curling iron...
Sending love to Austin.....
@seoultola miss u SONG!!! Xoxoxox
Had so much fun last night in hongdae. Thank u everyone for being there!! Jet lag has set in today, but last night was so very worth it!!xox
RT @EmiMeyer: Rachaels and Emis everywhere! @rachaelyamagata #Seoul http://t.co/dNPMalcmJ0
“@CarasPyntadasyou're: lyrics and song of my love story, thank you for conveying truths ...gretting and love from Chile ...” lovin u back xox
Last chance 2 grab tix for our Korean shows! Tix ONLY available 4 2night in HONGDAE. Yonsei Fri and Sat now soldout http://t.co/8An8REeeSJ
Itaewon now. So loving all of Seoul! Xooxoxo
“@sosomoongoo: @rachaelyamagata thank you :) we are Jihyun, Jimin. Have a good time in korea.” so nice to meet u!! Love the notebooks! Xoxo
made it to Seoul! Early night in HongDae yesterday and day off today. beating jet lag so far. knocking on wood now...
Travel day!! Coming to you Seoul! Xoxox
Fun times in lala last night w old friends. A few more rehearsal sets today and then off to Korea in the morning!!
Did my first ' l.a. Hike' as a rehearsal break. I would like to reclassify it as a climb. CLIMBED a mountain. As a break. As a breeaaak...
Hour 3 of dc layover. I wish this place had a tarot card reader or something..
@Joshuamegil aw shizzle dude. Hope u like it!! Thanks for checkin it out xox
The only way to fly to la from ny is definitely to fly to dc first, wait 4 hrs and then go to la. Can't wait. Day o' airport.
“@IamLijie: @rachaelyamagata nothing like a little Rocky to get us pumped for tax season!! :D”right! 5 Rockys later and quick books is done!
People. There is a ROCKY marathon on.. rocky 2 now. Perfect backdrop to quick books tax entries.
Packing today. First stop lala land and then onto Korea by sun!
Some cool music being played up here in the woods! New band showcase and live ep! The Yum Dee Days #colonycafe. #welcomebrooklynites.
She... Had a place in his life... But she dabadu dabadabadu anybody else would surely know da ba ba da da... What a fool beliiiieeeevvesss
RT @joshruben: WHAT!!!? WHAT THE F IS THIS SH*T?! THIS IS F'ING GROSS DUDE UNREAL http://t.co/ZlEk6tkOVg
“@Rhaptile: 간다 야마가타 공연. waiting for @rachaelyamagata's gig is so harddddddd” leaving next Sunday for Seoul!! Be there soon. Xoxox
Friday night date night. Did yoga wrong. That's bout it yo. Xoxo
RT @NoiseTrade: TGIF. This week's Friday Four features @jennyandtyler, @rachaelyamagata, @thedirtyclergy, & @AntiRecords http://t.co/bGQgwS
RT @babb1er: @rachaelyamagata Why did I take so long to explore beyond "Be Be Your Love?" Thank you for writing fucking awesome and amazing…
“@ShannonElizab: So happy that tomorrow's the last day that Mercury's in retrograde for a bit. None of my electronics have been happy… YES!x
Winter is so long that I feel like I'm living in the game of thrones..
“@GaryMcClellan: @rachaelyamagata Powered by unicorns” YES
Listening to a chainsaw in the woods makes me want a chainsaw for my woods. One w sparkles.
“@Julia_Hamdan: You sat down next to me like poetry to wine. @rachaelyamagata” xoxox
Mar 12, 2014 Rachael Yamagata at HongDae Yes24 Muvhall... http://t.co/Y4eDw815Ks
U know when u fall off a porch and twist ur ankle, but then it screws up ur knee and u hobble and wonder if u can ever wear heels again?
“@NeilMyers1: @rachaelyamagata My boys and I are listening to your music while building legos :) Thanks for the beautiful vibe” heart melt!
“@globalbeauteh: @rachaelyamagata when are you heading back to Singapore? I would love to shoot with you again. :)”me too!! Soon soon! Xoxx
“@JNFletcha: @rachaelyamagata Rachael, when can we have a new album from you? Enquiring minds want to know....” writing for it now sweets!xo
RT @ial: Enjoy your week ahead. "Generosity is its own form of power."
“@CadenaNeo: #Playing On Air @rachaelyamagata - Play Out on http://t.co/FVTf01QK0x #Music #Radio” xoxox
@madidiaz when r u coming to visit?? Missing ur face.
RT @madidiaz: @rachaelyamagata get rid of a person #obviouslytheguitaristhemostimportantpart
Wondering how to space save with guitar case overload....
“@GuyAdami: @rachaelyamagata Great to meet you last night @CityWineryNYC - any friend of John Alagia's is a friend of mine!” YOU TOO!!! Xo
Side of road. Flat tire. Mercury retrograde can go #^*!? Itself.
Thank u @CityWineryNYC and all from last night! We had too much fun. Much love to uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. Xoxoxo
RT @kathlanpher: SO excited to be going with the divine @luxlotus to hear fab @rachaelyamagata at @CityWineryNYC tonight. Sold-out show, na…
Repaving my driveway. Dreams for spring. #donesomedamage
Doin our last rehearsal before tomorrow night. Excited bout this rad group! Xox
“@MeganKate7: @rachaelyamagata hooray! Though I totally read that wrong initially... #MindInTheGutter” hahah! Hilarious
RT @jennyowenyoungs: tonight is the (february) night: join me on @stageit @ 7pm EST for songs & girltalk & harmonica-based leaps of faith h…
@ruthfulgrace can't wait to see u girl!! Xox
Sometimes a hot water guy comes after 12 days and u want to throw a party. Having one of those mornings...
Rehearsal night. Shamalama making fajitas.
My car repair guy says if I keep driving my car based on the issues I described it might 'ignite'. #appttomorrow #tryingnottocatchfire
@mcsniper99 hope I get to hear u play some music this coming trip to Seoul!!! My fav rapper!!! Xoxox
RT @EmiMeyer: 서울 3 Shows in Seoul! March 12-15. Supporting @Rachaelyamagata… http://t.co/XlQR1Gl6ck
@jimmyfallon awesome. #FallonTonight
RT @BIG_HASS: Have a moment for yourself
“@saklanmayansobe: WHEN WILL YOU COME TO TURKEY HA ŞEKER KIS?? @rachaelyamagata” someday I hope!! I'd love to.. Xo
@terryheu hiya! Just Korea this time for the Asia tour. March 14th and 15th at yonsei univ. http://t.co/rNZ2r0Ona5. :)
@softkid_ checked out ur work. I love it. Keeping tabs for later ;). Xox
2 hrs snow shoveling and my quota is filled for the day. #boring #eastcoastlife #tryingtomakeitzen
Such a treat seeing @SteveEarle tonight. Beautiful show of kick ass inspiration and music.
“@jennyowenyoungs: @jordanbrooke9 @rachaelyamagata @KatieHerzig 💃💃💃” ladies in the houuuussee!! Xox
@KatieHerzig watching ur you tubes of new record and waking sleep vid. In awe of ur studio brilliance and artistry. http://t.co/NSNhDZXcuY
Day O' LOVE. Celebrate today lovelies! Single or not, fed up or hopeful - love comes in all forms. Believe. Trust. Express urself (Madonna;)
RT @BlamBangBoom: NOT-FOR-LOVERS special this v-day >> @rachaelyamagata brings beautiful sounds to lull your heartache. #soundtrackyourlife…
Happy Valentine's Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Xoxoxxxoxoxxoxox
123 snow disappear! 1..2..3.. Winter be GONE! 1.......22222....3.......freezing STOP!! Damn. Nuthin.
RT @RyanArnoldRocks: .@rachaelyamagata recorded at @Schubas is on @93XRT Live From The Archives at 8.30p. http://t.co/4WZuLukHtI
@JNFletcha ;). Xox
RT @jrdannmitchell: "Throw yourself in the midst of danger, but keep one eye open at night." Falling in love @rachaelyamagata style this Va…
Still no hot water. Day 6. Soon I'll be hunting and gathering...
My vacuum cleaner died. It's true, plaster dust really will kill it. Or maybe it was the leaves from the plants I killed.
Chocolate and steak?? Something is happening in the kitchen tonight.. (don't worry, I'm not cooking)...
RT @SharkWeek: #SharkWeek is already feeling the love. #ValentinesDay http://t.co/5ea65rZov7
Korean Fans I'm coming to you in March!! 14 and 15th Yonsei Univ Seoul. Can't wait!http://t.co/tprapCxlZ6
Sunday afternooooon
Saturday night. Friends. Pizza. Classic.
RT @ruthfulgrace: With @rachaelyamagata last night was filled with laughter, tears and Valentine's Day fears. xo http://t.co/2FpbQQRZ5A
Über super fun last night. Gracias to all who came out to @CityWineryNYC xoxo. See u in 2 wks! Xo
@LNeenYo tell her happy birthday morning after for me!! Xoxo
@CityWineryNYC sound check. Folks here are sure sweeties!
“@MeganKate7: ok'd it w my cats & thought I'd ask b4 they change their minds. Will you be my Valentine? yes, but can ur cats be their date?
RT @joshruben: Why. http://t.co/sOTkxJBJdS
Dear hot water heater, why do u stop working? Don't make me get the sledgehammer. We can work this out. If u would just...work.
RT @ariannahuff: http://t.co/zcvDbOmqla
Trying to figure out the electrical outlet needs of heated gloves... #inventingthingsinmyhead
RT @Feferang: My intentions and desires are supported by the universe. Be clear of intentions. Trust the outcome. Practice present moment a…
“@kevinfox1991: @rachaelyamagata can i get a bday shout out please :D a fan :D” happy bbbbbbiirrrtthhddaayy to uuuuu!! Yeah baby! ;)
“@SKRhodes27: Just discovered @rachaelyamagata via spotify! I'm in love. #goodmusic” loving u back xox
“@metsfan4eva: Hi, looking forward to tomorrow's show! Is Zach Djanikian opening the show or is he playing with you?” opening. Come early!x
“@rickdotrick: @rachaelyamagata Red wine - stat!” hahaah
Caffeinated rehearsal about to begin. Might even get me to midtempo.
RT @KevinDevineTwit: Hey #Manchester UK - <20 tickets available for tonight's show at The Soup Kitchen. Grab yrs via http://t.co/nc5CPFJdpX
Dan fogelberg.
@JoshRadnor I think we should write a song.
RT @pauldanieledgar: I've always been partial to @JoshRadnor, but this article only affirms my fandom. Anyone who can read needs to click: …
“@owenbiddle: @rachaelyamagata cobras, anacondas... Enrique Iglesias?”just laughed out loud. So loud...
I wanna throw a party w mimosas and samoas ... And anything else that has an 'as' in it.
Pretty friggin hooked on @ingridmusic new single Girls Chase Boys. Video is hilarious. Woke up hummin the tune.
“@ashmow: i am loosing my mind. if i have to look at one more piece of yellow lined paper i am going to cry.” bring paper/ I'll bring match
Finally. I'm writing again. My well of repression must have filled...
@dbmanifesto ur tweet bio just made my night. Xox
We've all got our buttons and sometimes they get pushed hard. Love thru it. Don't have to love 'it', but we try to love thruuuuuu it.
“@glenniewongwong: @rachaelyamagata Changi airport misses you. Singapore misses you. I miss you and your music at the Esplanade.” me too! Xo
Oh airports.
RT @LateCambrian: http://t.co/sIMl71axLf last day to vote! @Eaches @londonbrolly @KatLovingLondon @GodzillaSays @rachaelyamagata http://t.c
Well it never rains in southern californiaaaaa... Song running thru my head as I read about 10 inches of snow expected in ny.
“@Big_Daddy2345: @rachaelyamagata shoulda done the halftime show”. Hahhahha! I think they like upbeat..howevs, I'd love a dance routine..xo
RT @PhizLair: PSH was an actor whose performances were indelible and incandescent with vitality. Singular voice & communicating eyes..
RT @MarthaPlimpton: Addiction is real. It is a real & vicious disease. It rips beauty from the world. Please, if you suffer, ask for help. …
spread love. think high and light. ommmmm
@AdrienReju shama.
I understand all the fuss about hiking now. I'll never silently make fun of it in my head again. #realsportykickedmyass
@kaciewilliams miss u girl! Xox
One week from today @CityWineryNYC fri feb 7th!! 8pm date night. Come join! Xoxo
@Ana_Buske @elizabeth5713 happy birthday!!! Have a great one! Xox
My name is rachael. I should not be allowed to use a kitchen. If you see me approaching a cooking appliance, stop me. Use all means of force
“@shhsecretmints: @rachaelyamagata are you doing a show in PHX? 🙏” no show yet - some fam time. horseback riding? Whoaa nelly.. Xox
Phoenix few days. Sitting outside is heaven. Is this what winter is like out here? Loverlyyyyy
“@kathlanpher: @rachaelyamagata @CityWineryNYC I am so going to hear you at @CityWineryNYC Hooray!” SCHWEET!!! Xox
Rehearsal again today for @CityWineryNYC Fridays of love feb 7th and 21st!! Join us. There will be kissing. Of something. Someday. Soon.
Squirrels eat the bird seed, deer snubbed the cabbage. Put out some apples today. Practicing boring hermit tweets.
RT @KevinDevineTwit: Pete Seeger was an incorruptible life force that elevated us through speaking truth to power, working tirelessly, & pr…
Put a yoga mat, sledgehammer and mini saw in my car today. Peaceful destruction.
@mariocries xoxooxxooxxox
@carawodnicki wear a heart preserver... Xoxo
Nothing like watching live performances to inspire! Will take Monday on with new chutzpah. Will start saying 'chutzpah'.
“@LinBrehmer: It's official. I've given up. #sweatpantsatwork #polarvortex” cozy. I'm gonna bedazzle some for u. Xo
RT @Saasin_Films: @rachaelyamagata please retweet https://t.co/OEFThCcuJG
@JimBiancotweets I will never be able to watch another Grammys without ur tweets. Seriously - tears down face
@kpattengale roooooccckkksssttttaaarrrr
Settling in to watch the grammys! Rootin for @SaraBareilles and @MilkCartonKids go go go!!!
@euphonicmasters the chocolate record was sooooo rad!!! U r awesome
RT @MusicGeekSvcs: @rachaelyamagata So far u r in good company in my @beatsmusic @Sonos: Dave Grohl, John Stirratt/Pat Sansone, and you. ht…
@MusicGeekSvcs u r cracking me up this morning
@ElysiaMcMahan loved talking w u!!! Xox
Spanx are kinda like primer...#thinkingwardrobewhilepaintingcabinets #deepthoughts
“@XMarksTheSpot44: @LaquiaNicole @rachaelyamagata I'll find a way!”kisses to u both! Xoxo
Feb 21, 2014 Rachael Yamagata at City Winery Nyc... http://t.co/nzi1Yq8ou9
Feb 07, 2014 Rachael Yamagata at City Winery Nyc... http://t.co/feBFtj68Bl
“@leahbobeah94: @rachaelyamagata Rachael! Love your jams! Just thought I would share :) http://t.co/LGSt1jmk4M omg super cute!!Schweetness
Anyone else have air supply in their head right now?
Frozen. Somedays I wish I lived in California. Or had better gloves.
RT @BIG_HASS: Let it be
“@MaeseBourbon: Hi @rachaelYamagata Just bought a cd of yours, digital copy, can I get an autograph on that? Thanks a lot.” totally. Air sig
“@OnKATEsSide: @rachaelyamagata You need to make us a visit in Portugal! Waiting for you ;) HUGE kiss ;*)” huge kiss back girl!! Xox
“@MeganKate7: @rachaelyamagata I'm planning a trip to see friends in NY. Hoping to coincide with a show. 1000 mile trip. #truefan” u rock xo
RT @dmbuffer: I'm going to @rachaelyamagata at City Winery in New York, NY - Feb 21 http://t.co/hv8IK0yjdG
“@erolbautista: @rachaelyamagata 's Snakewood Sessions are beyond words. #Eargasm #Pain” u r a doll. Thank u xoxo
@KevinDevineTwit was thinking of u too - visions of starting some band together. Totally weird. Must research some south america flights! X
Didn't know I was capable of ruining soba noodles.
My cat coughed up a fur ball on my head...of my own hair. #thingsthatmystifyme #mustbefriday
RT @Chernobyl: .@ERomanoff & @rachaelyamagata recently held a special concert for @Chernobyl! Take a look! https://t.co/83t2nDmdrD
Rehearsal today for @CityWineryNYC shows on feb 7th and 21st! First show duo/ second as full band - upright this time Whoo hoo!
@MauiTimeMachine I wanna visit!! Xoxo
Life is magic. Love is magic. It goes on....
RT @AdrienReju: Excited to play some shows w/ @rachaelyamagata in Feb & w/ @amoslee in Apr! Check out the Tour schedule for details. http:/…
RT @7bitarcade: In the first ‘Cullens Weekly Slice’, @JohnnyCullen talks about his love for @rachaelyamagata. http://t.co/iqrcuJXvZw
RT @joshruben: I directed this short, dark comedy starring @HenryLovesYou, featuring an original score by @rachaelyamagata! http://t.co/nql
RT @samreich: If Google Was a Guy: http://t.co/iW3pzaKIee
“@Agusmoraco: Here at the Argentinian Patagonia listening to @rachaelyamagata http://t.co/knSkPUhnrV making me smile... Xoxo r
@RegsCoffeeHouse happy anniversary!!! Xox
“@TheDuncanSheik: @rachaelyamagata I'm up! Chill!” miss u!
It's Monday fun day. Cheers to all the early risers... Xoxox
@CityWineryNYC feb 7th and 21st. Will be a welcome relief after home renovations. Throw things at me if I talk about tiling too much.
Day 7 no hot water. Day 16 no kitchen sink. Grateful for heat though and will never take a hot shower for granted again. #pretendimcamping
It's Saturday night and I've just hung a shelf.
Dug out car. Went to dump. Polyurethaning cabinets. Learning some Paul Simon for city winery ny shows. Emails calling. #fulldaybeforenoon
“@bigtalljake: #tbt first time I saw @sondrelerche and @rachaelyamagata. The Quest's Ascot Room. 2003. http://t.co/IvUcoiRrVq so young! Xo
Rick kze!! Always listening when u playing. Thanks for the stick around. Xoxx
One pine needle at a timmmmmmeeee