Rockwood Show #3 and #4 and Out…
Posted on 10/1/2012

Good morning campers.  It’s day two (was when I wrote this) after our final Rockwood show and I’m gettin’ my brain back on.  To say I’m grateful for the turnout and support of every lovely night’s audience would be an understatement.  You inspire me.

We finished out our final shows with Ed Romanoff and Adrien Reju both playing stunning opening sets.  Ed’s vox and lyrics resonate with a wisdom and pathos that dig into your bones.  Adrien is like a bird from another planet that can see directly into your heart.  I hope you enjoyed all the support sets as much as I did.  And I loved our little posse that formed this month as well.  Musical guests Paloma and Louise (The Dove and The Wolf), John and O of Late Cambrian, Margaret Glaspy, Tracy Bonham, Or Mathias, Rich Mercurio and of course my constant backbone of Kevin Salem and Ben Kalb.  Tommy, Andy and Liza, Nay, Pamela, Eugene, Jess and all of our friends that were repeat attenders – you are incredible.

Fav moments are too many to list, but I loved the ballad soaked nature of the 3rd show and the play the ‘hits’ hilarity of number 4.  Our communal jams on Dealbreaker, Duet with Ed and John, Would You Please featuring that new sky blue pedal, Heavyweight and It’ll Do with Tracy and Ben, Worn Me Down acoustic style with Kev – just vox and his bad ass guitar – all my favs.  Or brought such awesomeness to the table and Rich’s morphed percussion and drums took the songs to a new place of organic…well, ‘richness’.

Fall has always been my favorite season and to begin it with the weekly rez that now makes Rockwood feel like a home away from home has started everything beautifully.  Thank you Rockwood.  Thank you to all of the musicians, artists and friends.  Thank you Pete. Thank you NYC.  Oh – and we got it all on tape.  We’ll revisit again soon I promise.  I’ll be premiering some of the artwork of the new EP ‘Heavyweight’ very soon.  Can’t wait to see everyone again in November.  Endless love to all….






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