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Rockwood Show #3 and #4 and Out…
    posted 2012-10-01

Rockwood Show #2
    posted 2012-09-12

Rockwood NYC Show #1 of Residency
    posted 2012-09-06

    posted 2012-08-06

New Tour Dates In Canada, US & Asia
    posted 2012-01-18

On the move we be!!
    posted 2011-08-19
@TheKnotBads @WoodstockComedy congrats on a fantastic night and weekend!
@RealLindaPerry @hemmingmusic pleasure is all mine!! Love u both! We're gonna tear it up as sister road dogs! Thank uuu!!!! Xoxox
RT @RealLindaPerry: Pre Order @rachaelyamagata http://t.co/KJU0VzErcS Im ordering mine now
RT @BTS_twt: Rachael Yamagata-Duet 오랜만에 나의 노래 리스트 추천v http://t.co/HRvjwlRqlE
@hiiamcody awesome!!! Thank u! Xoxo